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The Gay Vote and Bush

Despite everything that has happened in the gay community the past for years - speaking primarily about the gay marriage issue - Bush picked up 23% of the gay vote, which is exactly the same percentage as he tallied in 2000.

Seems like a real disconnect between what gays have been saying about Bush and how they ended up voting.

Anyone have a thought on this?

As unbelievable as it may be, there are a lot of gay republicans in this country. Given the fact that Bush went out of his way to deny basic rights to the GLBT community, it’s surprising that he could still get that large of a percentage. On the other hand, he got the Hispanic vote plus increased support from the African American community. Go figure!!


Gay men thought Bush was hotter than Kerry. Plain and simple.

Okay, maybe not. I think Cheney did alot to mitigate any gay backlash by saying he thought gay marriage was a state’s rights issue and saying he was proud of his gay daughter.

Though I hate Cheney, he is smart. I think what he did worked.

I think the name Bush had something to do with the strong support from the lesbian community.

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