The Game is Afoot (CL)



BO BB Rows

Surprised I got the 70s with no problem. Shit didn’t start working right until about the 3rd set on the 65s. Then everything said, "Oh! I remember what to do now!"
Wish I had more time this morning, but I have to go find some gas today. :rage: I hope somebody got a delivery overnight. There wasn’t any on this side of town, and not sure if there is any on the northside.


Ha! Not able to afford THAT much whiskey for sure :blush:

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welcome back- good work.

whiskey can be expensive.

I advocate getting a bottle with a handle


Thanks! I read your story on the other thread, that was intense! Glad you are still with us!

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Good work kid, keep bringing the heat !

Thanks OG! Imma trying.

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Actual picture of me yesterday!
If I don’t get this shit worked out I am going to have a complete nervous breakdown.
Just when I think things are going to be okay, something goes south.


Lucky you are a tough chicken :grimacing: don’t let it get you down!


Oh there you are, really need to have some sort of identification of whose log is what. It’s funny, I just randomly clicked on the title, well because, whiskey.


Roger Tango what’s your vector whiskey? Hang in there CL :smiley_cat:

I am on the corner of I Hate Myself avenue and Miserable Lane, smack dab in the middle of Brokenheartsville.

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Im sorry to hear that. Hope things get better soon

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You need to adopt the fuck it mentality.


I know, and I did, but in the wrong way. I trusted people. My bad!

I am really trying to get past all of this guys. I know in my heart it is just excuses but, this summer has been… uh… I don’t even know how to describe it. I will try to keep it short as possible.
In March I made an appointment at the dentist to address some dental issues. The first visits went okay, despite my irrational fears of the entire medical community.

Between the second and third visit my sister was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. My mom was beside herself. I hadn’t slept and freaked out on the third visit. The dentist had discussed my treatment plan with one of my peeps. She was trying to help me but my brain didn’t see it that way.
After a few weeks and apologies on both sides, we got that squared away.

I went back and she ripped 3 more teeth out. She said she could not save my remaining teeth. Now take it, I have used them extensively. I did weigh 180 lbs…lol And had chipped one of the front ones on a keg of Shiner Bock. She informed me that my only option was dentures, not implants. I was like WTF? I’m old but not that fucking old!
She said that my teeth were making the rest of my body sick. So, I agreed to have it done. On August 22 she pulled the remaining 12 teeth from my upper jaw and 1 tooth from the lower one. Cut the bone down in front of my mouth. Sewed it up and slapped my plastic teeth in. It was weird! That night my sister died. I cannot describe the amount of guilt I felt. My mom is freaking out!!!

A week later I get the stitches out but, my neice and I got into about my sister’s cremation. At this point mom is still not coming to terms with everything. I concede the fight and tell my niece do whatever you want.

Nothing can prepare you for the feeling of your mouth with no teeth. NOTHING!
Part of me is dying but part of me is so happy! I am fucked up! It was the most terrifying wonderful thing I have ever done for myself.

Two weeks later she says we need to reline them. I go back and she has to keep them all day. I have to go town with no teeth. I am dying!!! I go back to get them and they fucked them up!!! They are awful now. Now, I have to wait 5 more weeks before she will try to fix them again. I am apparently allergic to the cleaned because it blistered my mouth, I can’t eat now, I am choking on shit like chocolate cake. I have had a headache every damn day since the reline.

Then mixed into all this a long the way is a loser who wants to my friend. Well until his ex called, then I was thrown on the back burner. He still wants to “help me” but all he does is make things worse. I don’t EVER want to be on the bottom of ANYONE’S list of priorities ever again!

So yes, I should have a fuck it attitude, but i can’t. I have responsibilities to my son and my family. I am doing the best I can.

Damn… Id suggest Whiskey and allot of it.

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I really am trying to get my shit together!

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Tough story CL, but I’m glad you shared it with all of us.

Be strong my friend; your rag-tag T-Nation family is behind you :).

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Thanks Z.

“…chipped one of the front ones on a keg of Shiner Bock…”

You have good taste.