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The Game by Neil Strauss


Just finished it myself, curious to see what others thought about it.

Some parts seemed embellished but overall it was a very entertaining read.


I thought it was a really entertaining book. Unfortunately people will buy it to learn how to pick up but it's not a how-to manual. Strange mix of characters and an interesting commentary on the different personalities you encounter in various social scenes.

Overall it was one of the better books I've read this year.



I agree. An overall well written book. Pretty entertaining, though it lost some steam towards the end. The two businesses still operate, so any embellishments have only helped. I have to admit it left me curious about what and how they are teaching.


If it works, then Strauss fucked it up for everyone else by blathering on about it.


This would be a great addition to Shugarts's "buff bookworm" installment..