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The Future of Bodybuilding


How do you feel that bodybuilding will evolve in the future?

The sport has obviously changed since the "Golden Age" as the current physiques differ from those of the past. From Reeves, to Arnold, Lee Haney to Ronnie, each respective physique was a product of the times.

What would you like to see change? What would you like to stay?


I like where bodybuilding is at right now.


We're seeing a resurgence of symmetry, proportion and conditioning over size. So the pendulum is swinging back to the golden era ideals.

But anyone, feel free to ponder the futuristic hyper-gravity gyms and inverse polarity dumbbells n shit.


On a local circuit level, I think the sport would be greatly improved if they started disallowing punks who either just

A.) Lost a bunch of weight "and just want to do it for the experience,"
B.) Have only been training seriously for a year "and just want to do it for the experience,"
C.) Has no idea what the fuck he's doing in or out of the weight room, "but just wants to do it for the experience."


I'm seeing a trend here.


these people spend money like everybody else and get people to go to the shows who also spend money. So I doubt they will set a criteria and to be honest a bigger crowd, and bigger list of competitors puts on for a good show...and the only people those guys are embarassing are themselves lol

The only thing that gets old is if you have 10 doods who have no clue in a show and we have to sit through all their routines. lol

oh well they make those of us with muscle look THAT much better LOL

I agree with you man, but since $ is what makes the world go round and these guys have some to spend then they are always going to be welcomed if you know what I mean...


Not only that, but these guys are carrying much more mass.

As for the local failures, I would suggest to promote the word of building some serious, or at least decent muscle before stepping onstage.

Finally I think that the general population and gym rats are becoming more ignorant and having flawed concepts, ideals and philosophies about bodybulding.


hyperbolic time chambers will be a staple in every gym.


Super saiyan in no time


if it's not phase 4 it doesn't count.