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The Future, My Friends


In response to all the threads that inevitably spiral into race and class discussions, I bring you my take on where our future should be headed in order to achieve harmony.

We must break free from the chains that bind us: the past wrongdoings and the stranglehold that our consumerist culture has us in. We must migrate to the desert as one and form a new civilization. One in which there is no race, there is no sexual preference, one in which everyone can have a voice and that voice will never be censored. If you want to call someone the "N" word, then I say go with it, because in the new world that word won't be one of hate, for it will be "wicked awesome person"

We shall cultivate our own food, farm the land, and hunt the four legged beasts of this earth for sustenance and not sport. Those unwilling to take part in consumption of flesh shall be free to do as they please as long as it does not interfere with their "role". The women shall not be gatherers, no, they shall do as they please. For the strongest women, shall be revered and hold equal place in our society. And there will be no shirts, unless you are gross from the waist up then you will be forced to cover that mess up or be exiled to "The Other Side"

Jobs will be assigned based on merit and merit alone. There will be no complaining when the slow are not given roles as hunters, lest the slow be hunted for their insolence. All crime will be punishable by death and guilt will be determined by credible witnesses. In a society where anything is possible, there will be no need for crime. Gone will be the stereotypes of the impoverished Negro, the greedy Jew, and the evil white man for we will all be as one.

What will unite us? Combat, to the death. The strong shall survive, the weak shall perish. It will be our entertainment, our sport, and our reason for endlessly and relentlessly searching for new means of making muscle. Men vs women, white vs black, abled vs disabled...none of this will matter, it will simply be Warrior vs Warrior. Future combatants, put down your chains and take up your bats with nails sticking out of them. It's time we reject what the "Old Guard" have deemed correct and take our place as the new Masters of the Universe.

So shall it be written, so shall it be done...


Will this combat be televised?


No, we won't have cameras in the new world. But admission will be free and there will be stadium seating.


You sound like a commie. Have you been shootin that Krocodil into your penis or something?


^^ That reminds me, there will be no drugs, alcohol, or bodily poisons in the New World as we will have no need for crutches. When one has a craving, one shall simply enter combat and kill thine enemy or fornicate with the person of his or her choosing.


Wait, will there be tellies?


Nope, if you want to witness the purest form of sport on the planet then you must join us in our new Paradise.


Yeah, y'see, that's the problem with Communism...it needs everyone to agree on everything in order for it to work.
You try and take away my TV and my booze I'm going to have to snap necks and put an end to your pathetic revolution.


I was thinking more in the region of pornography. =/

Unless there's a contingency plan you've not mentioned for us ugly motherfuckers who can't score on a regular basis?


"Beauty" will no longer matter. "Beauty" is a creation of the mass media to create divides in the population and induce spending on meaningless items. Trust me, fulfill your "role" in the new world and women will find that far more attractive than perfect facial features. IF you win in combat, you will have the choice of any you so please.


Beauty is NOT created by the media.


That's quite harsh.

Ugly women are fierce huntresses.


Well fucking sign me up!!! Is there an entry fee?


Im in.

He might come for my computer next.


Nards is clearly batting for the 'other side'!

Shunnnn the non-believer! ShunnnnnNNnnNnnnnnnnnnnnnn


I'm with you guys. If I don't have coffee strong and often someone gets murdered, And I still want coffee.

Thats no good for anybody.


Very true, if they show their merit by securing sustenance for the community, then they can stay undressed

And Stern, there is no entry fee. Just the rejection of all your worldly belongings and standing in the old world.


It's been done before, and it didn't work. Unless you know something that (from what I have gathered through my limited interaction with you) men who were a lot more intelligent than you, then you better specialize in making your own coffin, cause you're not long for your "society".


To those taking me seriously, for shame. It was a lighthearted post made with little to no planning. However, keep the hilarious comments coming, this is what this sub forum was made for.

Polo, you posted just the kind of reaction I was hoping for, well done.


Now, I like.