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The Further Dumbing Down of Society

Two local stories of interest:

A man walking his dog in a heavily populated public park thought it’d be cool to let the canine (a rottweiler, no less) attack a swan.

An 18 year-old approached a random guy standing on the street and decked him with a right hand to the face. Meanwhile, the kid’s friend videotaped the incident.

Lovely. It’s only a matter of time before some jackass turns over a baby stroller. Here’s to hoping that the next time a valueless jerkoff feels the need to amuse himself that someone’s packing an icepick.

Geez, bro, where do you live? Remind me to never go there.

Liberty of action without responsibility (and enforcement) = Shit

An 18 year-old approached a random guy standing on the street and decked him with a right hand to the face. Meanwhile, the kid’s friend videotaped the incident.

10 bucks says these were kids who ignore the warnings before Jackass, and were trying to get their own tape submitted. Or some other crap like that. Some website or TV show that could “make them famous”.

Not jackasses, just dumbasses. Hope they try that crap again, but end up hitting someone who kicks their asses.

I saw the video of this about 20 times in 5 minutes on a major news channel. The attacker got what he wanted.

If you can’t carry a gun at least carry pepper spray, a stun gun, or a box cutter. Then you won’t have to worry as much about these assholes.

What the hell is up with box cutters? There are few things more ghetto… Aside from that, the blades stick out only like an inch; you’d have a bitch of a time trying to kill someone with one. A nail file really is more dangerous.

Note to emckee–box cutters brought down 4 airliners on 9-11-01.

It’s fucked up. People do these things to get a “high” and because they know that for the most part, they can get away with it. How many people will step in to stop something like this? Most people stare in disbelief without saying or doing anything.

I carry a mini-kubaton at all times, but sometimes, I carry a small, sharp instrument, just in case I get into a particular situation where I have to save my own ass. Especially from fucked up shit like the above.

That was purely because of the novelty though. The box cutters were nothing but a prop; in terms of killing ability, the terrorists would have had about as much with their bare hands or even a bit more with nail files as I alluded. The box cutters were just a ghetto ass prop.

thats the one great thing about being really big and strong, nobody will ever have the balls to mess with you. i would love to see some little 18 year old kid try and punch me out. that would be the last thing he ever tried to hit again.

That’s the thing. In most cases, these people will prey on people that they feel are smaller and weaker (women, children, older or smaller men, etc.). So you big guys are usually pretty safe. Unless of course, a gang of punks try something.

Otherwise, little guys like myself have to always be on the defensive. I don’t know what it is, but there have been many times where I’ve gone out (minding my own business) and someone starts shit with me. I don’t drink or act like an asshole. I do my own thing with my friends and have fun, and someone must see a sign on my forehead that says, “I’m an asshole. Fuck with me.”

My girlfriend says that I have a very intimidating appearance to the average person. She says I usually have a mean look, but I can’t imagine anyone being intimidated by me. I’m so laid back and chilled. It must be the shaved head, goatee and earrings and that “look” that I just normally have on my face. Weird.

NATE: Probably some “punk” who wants to prove himself and/or has issues. Has nothing to do with you. The same punk probably does it to others too, according to how he feels. Not worth the waste of time. Though, if his bells get rung strungly enough, he might change. (When all else fails, brute force prevails. LOL)

“How many people will step in to stop something like this?”

Nate, I have this problem where I seem to lack the gene that gives you the common sense to stay out of dangerous situations.

On my way home a few months ago I watched as this kid cut off another driver and almost put him in the ditch. The guy that was run off the road honked his horn to let the other guy know he was about to hit him. The kid objected to being honked at, blocked the guy’s path, got out and challenged the other guy. I pulled up and watched as the kid kicked the door of the guy’s car in. I jumped out and chased the kid into his car and then gave chase in my car through my neighborhood at fairly high speeds. I lost him and then suddenly he was behind me and trying to run me off the road. I managed to turn my car around and gave chase again but lost him.

Neither me or the other driver got his license if you can believe it, but he was pretty obviously a gang member. The other driver was a lot tougher than me in appearance and he refused to stand up to the guy. I tasted blood and all I could think about was getting my hands around his little neck. The police told me to not do it again and leave it up to them, but how can I just stand by and watch this kind of stuff happen? The police haven’t been able to do anything about the gang situation here in Calgary. I would rather take my chances.

Very interesting story. I appreciate the guts it took to defend that guy. Were the police secretly impressed? I would hope so. The only part that bothers me is the high speed chase around the neighborhoods. Either way, what you did took some sack. Too bad the other guy didn’t take care of business.


Great story! More people need to be like that in order to prevent stupid shit from happening. The police don’t want civilians to intervene, but at the same time, they can’t be everywhere when something happens. And if a civilian comes to the rescue of another civilian in a matter like this, it could save someone’s life.

I keep telling my girlfriend that I need a gun. She and my friends think that is a bad idea because they think I’d just shoot people with the slightest provocation. I keep telling them that I’m responsible and would only use it if I thought my life was at stake.

Boxcutters are ideal because you have no chance of copping a murder charge unless the VICTIM has a heart condition.
Time to call the bastards bluff in other words. He might not have the balls but I have a score to settle with his king.
The first few strikes are invariably slashes too.