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Why is that the French all of a sudden when the war is over wants a piece of IRAQ? Strange isn’t it. Could it be the French motives for not supporting the war be all about $$ in the first place? Also, do you think we should allow the French to help rebuild IRAQ? I know the US can’t do it alone. But do we really want someones help that could help us in the begining. I say NO!!!

When you say “Iraq” in everyday conversation, do you scream it like “IRAQ”??

Yea, the US should probally lok to American companies to rebuild Iraq, but I assume some contracts are going to go to foreign firms. And I don’t really think that the French want “a piece” of Iraq…this isn’t colonialization.

This isn’t colonization? 25000 Southern Methodist missionaries are on their way to IRAQ. Do the Christian funamentalist Americans really think they can convert people from Islam?

Maybe they just want to help the people of Iraq, always looking for the bad in people is a terrible way to go through life. Also calling Southern Methodists “christian fundamentalists” is slightly harsh, did they fly any planes into the WTC, or strap bombs to their chests and run into a temple on Saturday??

Doing some research will probably give you more reasons to hate the French. If my sources are correct, one of France’s biggest clients for armament is Irak. Apparently, Irak did not even matter to take off the French flag logos from their scud launchers (even in parades). Also. documents of visits of Saddam to some of their active nuclear plants had photos of Saddam and, guess who?, Chirac (one of their head honchos in politics)…France also imports a big chunk of oil from Irak. You could also check out Total Fina (or something like that) for their board of directors, major shareholders and their top clients. That’s what I have heard. Have not verified sources, but it sure matches the initial ‘anti-war’ position. Should all of this be as true as I have heard, think of the picture…France is against war because of its Iraqi economic partners…but changes opinion when it’s time to cash in on the after-war period. How’d that be for a 2-faced nation?

u guys are funny. U think that only the french want a piece of Iraq. Hello! Wake up! The most important reason why we went into iraq is because we want a piece of it and its oil. What we call “liberation” of iraqi people is a result of the war and NOT the purpose of the war. U just have to stop listening to Fox news and company and try to get ur info from unbiased sources. Don’t be ignorant.

so, what exactly are your sources of “unbiased” information? I am curious…enlighten me.
And let me know also when we start getting oil from Iraq; I will be depending on you…

Your right ultrasun. i get my news from CNN. they arent biased at all. Also get my news from the conspiracy theory websites online which all have links to how aliens are the secret rulers of the world. There is no way the Bush Administration would go into Iraq to simply occupy it and get all the oil. It would spell disaster for Bush and would certainly keep him from getting reelected. As much as I love Bush, I would not vote for him if that were his goal.

Did someone who can’t spell “you’re” just call me ignorant?

If this was about the oil, don’t you think we would’ve had it already?

If we want to get all pissy against the French, don’t you think we should get all pissy about the Germans and the Russians and all the other countries who supported the pro-inspection sentiment? The French are easy to pick on, but then again, they are the French :slight_smile:

France could be in it for the money, and so could Russia. Recently documents were found detailing some agreements between those countries and Iraq about arms and going against the sanctions the UN imposed in 1991. Then again, Syria is harboring Iraqis, and just “expelled” them. Whether they actually act on it, who knows.

Why don’t we stop worrying about other countries and worry about ours? We have thousand of OUR TROOPS over there. Let’s support them. We also have a horrendous economy right now, so go out and spend some money, and I’m talking about money on anything (Surge and Grow come to mind)

And while we’re out getting unbiased information, why don’t we listen to the Iraqi Information Minister? You know who he is, the guy who said we weren’t in Baghdad as he was walking thru the bombed streets? He’s a source of information. Is he credible? No. CNN is a credible source and so are many others out there. All we can do is use them to compose our own ideas.

CNN is not infalible. Its an American news source covering an American war…there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell CNN is an entirely objective news source. Get over your brainwashing.

As far as reconstruction goes, I think the lion’s share should go to US companies for only one good reasons: you’re the only one who paid $$ and blood to invade Iraq so you should be able to reap some “benefits” hehehe.

As far as France goes, strong with words but weak of action is how I would describe the whole country. Of course french contractors want a piece of the treasure of Iraq’s reconstruction, it’s called “let the others do the dirty work and reap the rewards”. But then again, almost all major countries have done it in the past and will continue to do so, and that include the US. It’s all too normal to send someone fight for you then push them aside and take the spoils of war for yourself.

JWright, you’re right, I think US citizens should really work to support the US economy which is really on 2th gear right now. This is really more important IMHO. Most T-mag readers and posters are college and Uni. students, they’re likely to be much more affected by an 7-8% unemployement rate than a war in the Middle-East. Of course, I could be wrong…

My 2 cents, as usual,

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SPBM, I believe Goldberg was being sarcastic with that remark.

I didn’t say that CNN was unbiased. I know they are an American company that has to have some bias. The post after that I said that there are many sources of info out there. All we can do is gather from those sources and formulate our own ideas from there. CNN is just one source out of many, and besides, it is on 24/7, so you can always watch it.

There are no entirely objective news sources anywhere in the world. Oh, and if, by chance, someone happens to find one, please let me know.

DocT: I hope so. I retract my statement towards Goldie, but do not retract my statement. peace, ya’ll.

Does anyone watch the Jim Lehrer News Hour on PBS? As far as news programs go, its the best I’ve seen. After they finish with the daily headlines, they have a roundtable debate. Many different sides of an issue can be heard and the viewer is left to make up his or her own mind. If you don’t watch it already, check it out.

I agree w/ Anderson Jim Lehrer News Hour is a non bias news media. And Dan C great respond also.

I’ve never seen that show, but where I live, we don’t get PBS as far as I know. I haven’t found it yet, but I’m moving to St. Louis in June, so maybe I can find it there. I do watch CNN headline news all the time, along with msnbc, and many other news shows. I try to watch as much as possible, including both sides of argument. I think it just helps.