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The freedom of urination

If you were moving in with a girlfriend, significant other, or needed a bunch of room mates or something, what freedom would you miss the most. For those of you who have already made some sort of sudden transition like this, what liberty would you miss the most?

Honestly, I’d miss the right to piss with the bathroom door open. I don’t mind privacy too much, so long as I’ve got a good lock on my door, and I don’t mind working for other people, but there’s something truly edifying about emptying the tank with the door wide open. Just hearing that pittering echo through the halls… ahhh, there’s just a great feeling associated with that.

Just thought I’d lighten up the mood a little.

No Shit!!! I thought i was the only one! It allways pisses my girl off that i never shut the door. I can’t explain it,…like you said - just a great feeling.

I stay up late on the weekends, well after the wife and kids go to bed. Sometimes, because I can’t pee with the door open, I go piss in the backyard. Usually I’ve been drinking when this occurs, but there are times I just can’t stand the thought of pissing with the door closed.

Crazy… I piss out in the yard when Im drunk and afraid that the girls Im with will here the “plithering echo” through the wall. Well put! How the hell did you come up with the idea to post about pissing? Haha.Mood lightened!

I still pee with the door open and my wife doesn’t mind… Only close it when someone else is in the house…


The pissing thing is not limited to you men. I’ve had live-ins before and the “shutting of the door” bit is a big adjustment. For some reason though, I’ve always shut the door when I dropped the kids off at the pool. I do envy that cool attachment that lets you guys piss off the deck (or out the window of a moving vehicle, or pretty much anywhere you want). But it’s probably a good thing I haven’t one, I’d be pissing off my third floor balcony. :wink:

The other thing that was a HUGE adjustment was not being naked all the time. It’s bad enough that when I have my son, I have to wear “mommy jammies” around the house, but when I had a friend stay with me for a while I had to do that every day. Now that sucked!

My wife doesn’t close the door when its just the two of us in the house. It really pisses me off. lol

I’m with Avoids. Man, what’s with that? Is that supposed to project some sort of intimacy?

How’d I come up with this idea? Call it a moment of inspiration. I had just drank(drunken?) a huge bottle of water and felt like dropping a few ounces. As I was doing my business, I got to thinking. I do quite a bit of thinking when I sit (or in this case, stand) still for a while. I looked around a little (I rotated at the trunk, by the way, I wasn’t trying to moisten up the walls or anything) and realized my door was wide open. I did some more thinking and, well, you know what happens when I think.

One time, I was drunk and I had to catch the last bus home. So, I was jogging the 12 blocks to catch the bus. On the way there, I had to pee.

Since I didn’t have time to stop, I turned around and jogged backwards. Then I peeed (sp?) while jogging backwards. There was this zig-zag of wet on the snow (in the field) for about 50 meters). Heh.

I have a buddy who once said, “I love my wife and I wouldn’t trade her for anything, but I miss those days of being able to take a shower, brush my teeth, shave and take a shit all at the same time.” I almost fell over with laughter.

I once peed with the door open when I was with my ex-girlfriend. She was across the hall, and she yelled “Close the door! What kind of relationship do you think this is??” LOL.

Only time I piss with the bathroom door closed is when I’m peeing on the living room carpet.

MBE: “Marking his territory since 1974.”


I don’t know I’d ever be comfortable enough to piss with the door open when someone else is around, unless I’m drunk or something, but the ladies have convinced me to never drink alcohol again (I HAD to be drunk when I agreed to that). Oh well, until I move in with somebody… plitherrrrrrr

No need to be jealous anymore.


I'm pretty sure I saw this site posted on a previous forum thread. Keep practising. ;0)

I don’t suffer from stage fright, I’m married I have three girls and I take leaks with the door open (at times). In my mind kind of goes with belching and farting, we all do it so why pretend to be something you’re not?
peace, Tmofa

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid to fire the water canon in a public bathroom, there’s just something different about being at home, I guess. So, uh, back to the original questions, any other freedoms you’ve guys/gals missed?

The freedom i miss is the freedom to jerk off almost constantly. Now that i’ve moved in with my girl i just cant stop and crank one out on the way to the fridge like i used too.(wipes tear from eye) the good ole days…

I alkways felt that true freedom was being able to pee off your back porch or sight you deer rifle in without causing some kind of a commotion.

before i got married i had roomates. 2 of them were chiks. girls have this wierd thing with showers. thay will just walk right in with a guy or a girl. and its not a sex thing!!! they just walk in and start to soap up like they own the place. then they start saying things like, “so how was your day?”…how is this possible??? dont they know that men pee in the shower? not to mention other things …