The "Free Market" Failure of the American Healthcare System

While the healthcare system in this country can treat acute injuries very well. It’s treatment of chronic/degenerative disease are quite horrible. The public pays twice as much as anyone else in the world and often for sub-par results. It drives some to BK. As the public becomes more familiar with this corporate scam we will adopt a universal healthcare model. With the perverted profit motive taken away, natural compounds will be tested without regard to profits, Healthcare will be much better and suffering will be alleviated. And it will be less expensive and if costs do not fall the results will be much better. Can’t wait!


You can champion a system that costs twice as much as anyone else often with poorer outcomes if you want. But it’s all on you. Even Trump admits that Universal healthcare is superior. He most recently told the Australian Prime Minister that their healthcare system is better than the U.S.

Um…This stuff again?

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Yes, if you can still believe that people are championing a system that costs far more often with worse results.

I know a place you can go to rid yourself of any capitalism or profit motive, where the doctors are currently working for free.


I’m sure everyone at PWI will pitch in so you can buy a one-way ticket to this worker’s paradise.


I’m in.


I’ll pitch in in a heartbeat


I didn’t realize how cheap the flights are. Paradise is just $500 away.


I’m down for $50.00.


But Venezula…

How about Cuba?

Cuba is awesome. A guy I used to work with grew up there. Once when he was in an industrial accident he made it to the hospital himself where they treated him by leaving him alone until family came to get him, at which point he was given some kind of opiate.

Eventually he got better and built a boat to escape.

What ever they’re doing there must be working because he was one bad motherfucker.


Cuba is missing medical supplies but the care is good.

USA is awful

But hey they give you more testosterone for your trt.

That’s why Castro flew in Spanish surgeons.


And what about the plethora of other countries who have universal health coverage? They pay far less, don’t force their citizens into BK and often have better outcomes.

The U.S. has the worst healthcare system in the industrialized world when all things are taken into account.

I was hoping you’d bring them up. Here are the 3 or 4 main differences.

  1. The people in the US are fatter and sicker than the rest of the world. It’s a cultural thing. We eat too much and move to little.
  2. Tort laws. In the US of you die from a medical accident there’s unlimited Tort, meaning your family can sue for as much as they can get. This makes for VERY expensive malpractice insurance. To the point where doctors cant afford to have their own practices in some cases. Not so in other countries.
  3. There is no rationing in the US. If you want your surgery by next week, or you want 3 different opinions you can doctor/hospital shop until you get what you want. In the UK they can’t even meet their 8 week goal for average non-critical surgery wait time. You have a torn meniscus? That’ll be a 56 day wait MINIMUM. Don’t get me started on denial of care. The “death panels” are a real thing with socialized medicine. Why would we give an 87 year old a pace maker? That’s not an “efficient” use of resources.

There are many other differences, but you’ll be deliberately obtuse and deflect about stem cells and marijuana. It’s important to note that in the UK, Sweden and Canada which the left loves to point to the drug companies are still making huge profits. Doctors still make big salaries. So you won’t escape the evil profits there either. Sorry.


This was a terrific little rebuttal, and I just poked in here to say that it’s a shame we can’t have a decent conversation about what could be a very good topic (the perceived success/failure of our nation to provide high-quality, affordable care to the majority of citizens), while observing that the thread creator is not interested in an actual conversation, just a place to rant about marijuana, stem cells, and the evils of for profit medicine.


I’ll tell you what, if the PWI crowdfunding gets you to Northern Ireland, I will bring you to an A&E and you can see just how quickly the wheels of social justice turn in a UK hospital.