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The Franchise gym

I know there are a lot of people out there who hate gym “chains” or “franchises”. Here is my situation. I live in Minnesota and work as a respiratory therapist. I don’t work the typical 9-5 job (mostly 3-11 and 11-7). Thus I’m a nite owl. I work out at Lifetime Fitness, it’s open 24/7. There is tons of equipment plus saunas hot tubs steam rooms and lap pools. It’s perfect for these butt ass cold winters. Oh sure it’s not hardcore and there are a lot of morons who work out at these places. Like a prvatley owned gym (or any location anywhere) is immune to idiots. Let me assure you I used to go to a privatly own gym and the hours just did’nt work with my schedule at work. For the most part my main problem with this gym was it’s hours and sometimes maintainence on equipment. The price was right though, compared to where I go now. Anyway, lets hear some opinions on this thread thanks.

Sounds Great! As always any gym is better than no gym. Plus there is probably some good looking ladies there too! The gym I am at know has a steam room and a sauna. I will never join a gym again unless it has these two things! Go for it.

I used to go to an All American fitness in Tulsa, OK when I lived there. It was cool at the time because I didn’t really have a vast knowledge of training, but as I look at it now the weight room was very cramped. When I go back to Tulsa now, I shell out $10 at a Planet Fitness for a day pass. The Planet Fitness is cool, except the weight room isn’t that much better. It works for me when I am away from my normal gym in Norman, OK which is privately owned gym and has plenty of room to go around.

Do what you gotta do to train. Laughtime Fitness sucks, but if it’s what works for you right now, go with it. The best gym in the Twin Cities is The Press Gym in Roseville. Maybe get yourself a punch card there to visit periodically for sanity’s sake.

I’ll second the Press Gym. Might wanna try the Plymouth Lifetime, They have bumper weights for oly lifts and juiced up trainers.

We have a Lifetime in Columbus, I believe Arnold owns it. It is supposedly the nicest gym around and I’m going to join here in the next few weeks. My reasons for doing so are the 24 hr availability, full court basketball, and the milfs and various other hotties that are not available for viewing in my basement gym or the fitness center at my condo community.

I’ve visited the Lifetime in Columbus as a guest a couple times and it is amazing. Say what you may about gym weenies and such, the place has just about everything you need, plus a couple pools, basketball courts, and a ton of other things. I never heard that Arnold owned it. You are talking about the Lifetime over at Easton Center, right? Interesting. Report back on your experience there!


Phaedrus, I’ve heard that it’s the shit but I could never afford it until recently. I actually live about 1 minute from Easton, so it will be very convenient. And yes, Arnold owns a substantial amount of the property at Easton. How much I’m not sure, but I’ve heard that he and Les Wexner each own about 50% of Easton.

The main factor in my gym selection is price. As long as it has all the equipment you need, who cares if it is “hardcore” Most of the chains are expensive. However, there are two private gyms in my town(only ones) and they are both expensive too. I lift in my basement for free. I can workout whenever and do some odd lifts they would’nt allow in a commercial gym like the naked, third leg, dangle clean. A real mass builder.