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The Forum Feature Practice Thread


Well, the thread title is pretty self-explanatory, but please feel free to use this thread to practice and test out all of the new features offered on this format.

Thanks to @SkyzykS for the brilliant idea!

Now, go wild.

What Happened to the T-Nation Community?
Info on Medicinal Cannabis
Faster Navigation
Where I Find the Escape Codes to Itemized List, Bold, Italic, etc?
Quoting a Post .
How the Heck Do I Quote Someone Here?

Ah ha!
Life is full of little victories. :ox:


Good call, guys.

But, one may askā€¦ what can be tested out? Well, the stuff discussed in this thread that explains the emojis, links, text enhancements, Likes, Flags, Bookmarks, and all the other site features.

So, test all the things. :allthethings:


Yes, great idea.
But where did the ox come from?


I guess it was pre loaded on this tablet. I hit a smiley face and a whole bunch of stuff came up. I just wanted to see what it looked like.:bikini: This should be a bikini! :grinning:




Nice work, Zep.