The Form Checks

So I’ve gotten to a point where I feel my mobility is much improved from where I started and my lifts are going up. BUT before I go up anymore in weight, I want to make sure my form is spot on every lift moving forward.

Any tips would be appreciated!

TNation uploading wasn’t working right, so YouTube the way to go. Ignore the extra FS video.

Looks good to me man.

[quote]Evolv wrote:
Looks good to me man.[/quote]

Thanks brotha! I felt like they looked ok, and my back never hurts so I figure I’m doing them right. I think as my mobility gets better I’ll be able to get more vertical on my FS. No mirrors make me really focus on what I can feel!

Front squats are fine, you pretty much have to keep the bar over your feet to perform the exercise. So, some forward lean is inevitable and very dependent on your body structure.

Looks really good man, I would say though try deadlifting in either your socks or with some flat soled shoes.

Thanks guys. So I got some other exercises as well I’d like some feed back from.


rows look fine. they’re just an accessory exercise. If you get progressively stronger/bigger, you’re doing it right. There are too many ways to perform the barbell row to simply say 1 way is correct and another is not. I personally prefer to perform barbell rows from a dead stop off the ground for each rep, with stricter form (you would need lighter weight to do this), but plenty of people do it your way.

Regarding the front squat, I don’t see an issue with back straightness or anything, but I do think you lack tightness overall. You’re swaying forwards and backwards a lot. I think this is a bad habit. You do it the same way every rep, and in between reps. I would try to focus on stability a bit. I think this will benefit you when you begin to add weight to the bar. The reps themselves look good though, although your heels were coming up in the last reps of your set. I tend to do this as well when I get fatigued. This could definitely be related to a lack of tightness, and even concentration. When you come out of the hole, make a conscious effort to push off your heels rather than your toes. This should shift your weight appropriately. The heels only come up on the ascent, so it leads me to believe that stance is not the issue.

Check out this thread for getting your core and hips tight when front squatting:

I would apply the concept to your other lifts as well.