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The Forever Alone Eating Contest Thread


Workouts are worth 25pts
daily exercises are worth 10 pts

a healthy fat is worth 5pts
a lean protein source is worth 10pts
a non-processed carb source is worth 5pts
veggies are worth 5 pts

an unhealthy carb deducts 5pts, unless right after workout (beer/alcohol ALWAYS deducts 5pts per drink, even if you already deducted for the meal and if it's after a workout)
an unhealthy meal (as in fast food) deducts 5pts

Tally each day.

Weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday. The person with the most points on Sunday get's to assign what the other person's avatars will read about them for the following week (see mine for example. lol)

Please post in here if you are playing. I'm really trying to stay on top of everyone's logs and I'm getting confused :confused:


I'm here, lol.

Monday - 2/20/12

Workout - 35
Food - 80
Total - 115

Details are in my training log


Tuesday - 2/21/12

Workout - 35
Food - 45
Total - 80


I be playing!




Thanks 2busy! This is much easier to keep track of.


Monday: 55
Tuesday: 55



Also, if you notice that you're getting good results from eating like this and it's helping you to participate in the contest, pls post pics and let me know! I know I've dropped some bf% just in the 3 weeks I've been doing it.


i think its the purfect motivator. wanting to win and avoid public humilation = great motivators!


Exactly! BTW, I am coming for your asses today. I think I can actually get caught up on ONE day. Let's see...


can you count a protein as a healthy fat, like fish?

And what if you eat A LOT of veggies..or is 2lbs of broccoli still only count as 5pts?

can I count my walks (2x/day) as 10 each?

I'm playing!!!





Grrr 2B WTF! You beating me. I not stand for this!

Monday: 100 points (audited by Oleena in my log) EDIT +5 for Flameout (fish oil=healthy fat)Monday TOTAL 105
Tuesday: 80 points (unaudited as of yet) EDIT +5 for Flameout (fish oil=healthy fat) 85 EDIT +5 for Healthy fat extra lean ground beef 1.5 servings = 6.8g of fat Tuesday TOTAL 90



How long are your walks? If they are over 20 minutes, I'm inclined to count them. What does everyone else think about this?


As for the amount eaten at one meal, we already established with some people's massive protein coughHallowed*cough* intake that it can't be counted more than once per meal. If you eat a chicken breast and a protein shake, that's only 10pts for the meal. If you eat a pound of vegetables, that's only 5pts. On the other hand, you can get around that by dividing it up into two meals eaten like an hour and a half apart.


You wish. I'm sorry, but this is so not going to happen for you :stuck_out_tongue:


I'll post the pics in my log.

Don't need to kill this thread... :wink:


I'm ok with it.


Let's just see how the day ends... :slightly_smiling:


YES. Count walks! I say veg per meal gives the +5 points? thats my inclination anyways. a meal of all veg is still just +5? I dunno.