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'The Following' Critique

First impressions…Spoilers.

  1. They didn’t show HOW the serial killer escaped within
    the jail/cell area.
    and to overpower several ARMED Prison guards strained credibility
    from the git-go…lacking plot ingenuity already, not good.

2.The armed guard that said “good night paul” didn’t even
RECOGNIZE this was not “paul”, yes I know his back was turned,
but still a ‘movie type’ deception we’ve seen before, and even the
the guard at the guardhouse didn’t recognize this was not “paul”
when driving out!

  1. Cops SHOULD HAVE found him within minutes in the general area
    in that vehicle…maybe a scene where he DITCHES the vehicle and
    steals another vehicle within minutes somewhere nearby might have worked.

4.Early on, Sirens wailed unnecessarily when Police arrived at one
surviving victims house…stupid overused dramatic effect.

  1. Predictable BOO moment, when Dying Dog snapped at Kevin Bacon,
    scene stolen from the movie ‘Seven’, with that thought-dead starving

  2. ‘Icepick’ Lady’s aim to her eye was TOO METICULOUS to shove
    it in her eyeball that ACCURATELY lightning fast…scene would have worked
    better if she put the Pick to her eyeball FIRST, ‘dreading’ the audience to
    what she was about to do, THEN shoving it in her eye quick, as opposed
    to just ‘shocking’ the audience and doing it TOO quickly having people
    like me questioning how she could have such a quick and accurate aim like that.

7.Near the end, I Saw that potential Killer policeman coming a mile away with his big ol’
smile entering the house when invited in by that girl…They didn’t show ANYTHING
after that scene what the Cop did to that girl IF he did, but I BET that Cop is one of the ‘Followers’,
any takers on that bet? lol.

Well, overall it looks to be just an average crime show with nothing
really original or too compelling about it, but I may see a few episodes
just to give it the benefit of the doubt…Why do these serial killers always seem to be British anyway?..How about we see a fucking Canadian
serial killer for once, Eh? Why not Eh? Maybe not, How about an Eskimo serial killer? Nah that
might not work either, I guess we’ll keep them British so they can
sound scary, cool, and cunning to audiences.

The cop at the end is the missing security guard that had been practicing on the dog.

But yeah… I agree with everything else. Plus if they were so sure the Dr was in danger, they would have taken her to a hotel - not tried to guard her in her own house.

Pity. Some amazing actors in a show that seems poorly written. Will give it another couple of weeks.

Oh…so this is a TV show?

My nephew posted on facebook (like all of today’s youth he eschewed proper punctuation and capitalization) “the following is a really great show” and I waited for him to post something as he said “the following is a really great show”

Very disappointed in the show, I am big Bacon fan but I found the show to be formulaic and corny.

“The cop at the end is the missing security guard that had been practicing on the dog.”

Was it? Damn…ok then, he’s apparently a ‘follower’ then…my bad lol.
Yeah I like Kevin Bacon too, he’s aging well BTW…either good genetics or diet,
the thin dude is like 3 years older than fat fuck James Gandolfini who looks much older.
But yeah the previews really scammed alot of people portraying the show as this very
dark and edgy, almost too graphic for TV sensation…so far, barely a C- overall.

The ONLY time in movies when a serial killer chilled me to the friggin’ bone was
when “Dolarhyde” is finally shown on screen after a masterful bulidup in MANHUNTER
with Willam Peterson…(remade as RED DRAGON years later).
And yes, it’s also the the very first appearance of Hannibal Lecter who was played
very well by another actor…can’t recall his name now, but he was excellent.