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The Flu

Four days into my first Mag-10 cycle I got the damn flu. Have been taking tons of vitamin-c, Zicam, water and getting lots of rest. What do you guys do to speed recovery when sick?

I have a gram of vitamin c every hour. A guy I know keeps chewable vitamin c in his bag & snacks on it throughout the day.

I just up my glutamine intake to at least 30g/day.

take a day off or try to get 12hrs of sleep for a night or two.

Let the flu run it’s course. Then just resume with the Mag-10. And, by the way, becareful with Vit C, too much will have you running to the bathroom with the green apple splatters.

I missed a week of work in the beginning of January and another last week with the flu. I actually got lucky enough to get it twice in one month. Forget about the Mag-10 for now until you are well. Drink lots of clear liquids, eat lots of soups, etc and most of all sleep all you can. It is a virus and all you can do is let it run its course. Get plenty of rest if you do anything at all about it. The MAG-10 and the gym can wait a week or two.