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The Flu and Strength Loss


So November 12th I came down with the flu, temps of 104.6, not much eating. This went on for 2wks. I lost 17 lbs in the 2wks. Then I got bronchitis that lasted another wk and a half. Now im left atleast 30 lbs weaker and I feel like shit. Every workout I do, I find myself going back 6 wks and barely hitting them weights.

Is this normal or have I totally went vag? Never had the flu so Ive never experienced this..


you lost 30 pounds. what do you expect? Eat lots of food and you'll be back soon


I know your pain man. I'm sick right now. Yesterday I had a 103 fever and felt like a sack of smashed assholes. Not the flu but I'm total weak sauce. Although tonight I feel 100% better, I tried chopping firewood for 5 min tonight and was gassed. I said fuck it and went back in.

Don't sweat it dude, the Iron game is a marathon not a sprint. You'll be back in no time. Bronchitis is no joke man. Don't think you'll just get better if you nurse it, go see a doc and get something for it. Every day you wait is more damage to your lungs and a longer hiatus from the gym.