The Flex

Hey, Gang. I just received my May “Flex” (which “Biotest” advertises prominently in, by the way). It had an insert entitled “The Big 10; The Essential Guide to the Top 10 Muscle-Building Supplements”. I just wanted to get the T-Mag Gangs additions, deletions, comments and answers to a few questions. In rank order:

#1 MRP’s/PROTEIN: At least 1 gram/pound; divided over 5-6 meals. Pretty straightforward.

COMMENT: I tend to push in the 2 gram/lb. range AND base my protein on LEAN body weight. Your thoughts?

#2 MULTIVITAMIN/MINERAL: Take with meals if possible. Morning and evening solid meals are the most common and appropriate times to take them.

COMMENT: I am a LITTLE more haphazard taking them, but with meals aides in the absorption of fat AND water soluble vitamins. I use a product that comes in daily packets called “Daily Advantage”. What are some that you guys use?

#3 GLUTAMINE: Pushing the Iron and/or stress depletes it significantly, leading to inhibition of protein synthesis and poor recovery ability.

COMMENT: With this one, I’d like you guys thoughts on FLEX’s dosing reccomendation: 5 grams between meals 1-2 times/day, PLUS another 5-10 grams with an MRP or protein drink. Any idea on the rational behind their recommendation of when to take it?

#4 CREATINE: Increase INTRACELLUAR water, leading to an array of more efficient intracellular functions from protein synthesis to energy production.

COMMENT: To Load, or not TO Load; that is the question…20 grams/day for 5 days in 4, 5 gram servings followed by maintenance of 5 grams/day; OR 3-5 grams/day for 30 days.

#5 GLUCOSAMINE/CHONDROITIN/HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN: Used to combat the long term “wear and tear” on joints and cartilage.

GLUCOSAMINE: 1,000 mg twice a day in the am and before bed. CHONDROITIN: 800-1,200 mg twicw a day. HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN: A whopping 10 grams per day!

COMMENT: For me, the “jury is still out.” Do these supplements really work? Dr. Colgan has some reservations…Your thoughts.

#6 FIBER/PROBIOTICS/PREBIOTICS: Promote a more effecient digestion and absoption of nutrients: 10-15 grams of fiber/1000 cals; Acidophilus;

COMMENT: Not a bad idea, but I’m not real diligent in this area. Your thoughts.

#7 EFA’s: Staightforward. Discussed OFTEN on the Forum.

COMMENT: Why so low on the “Flex” list? I PROBABLY would have put EFA’s after Protein and Multi’s. CERTAINLY before Probiotics. I use “UDO’s Choice” and luckily I like Salmon. Your thouhgts.

#8 THERMOGENICS: I think their best use is, of course, for fat burning, but they also support metabolism when we are on some of these low cal diets.

COMMENT: MORE IS NOT BETTER, GUYS!!!FOLLOW THE LABEL DIRECTIONS!!! I TAKE MY BLOOD PRESSURE ON A WEEKLY BASIS!!! (I use an Omron at home model. I also “listen” closely to my body).

#9) HMB: (The Lion Ducks behind Pride Rock as the “T-Mag” readers have him attacked by hords of hyenas…)

COMMENTS: Okay…does the stuff work or NOT guys? Your thoughts…

#10 ZMA (ZINC MAGNESIUM ASPARTATE): Training depletes Zinc and Magnesium. Both aide in recovery and sleep efficiency. Increases free testosterone and IGF-1.

COMMENT: Now I know a lot of the T-Mag readers use ZMA; I haven’t yet. So, I have two questions: 1) FLEX reccommends taking ZMA on an EMPTY STOMACH, before bed (3 caps 30-90 minutes before bed). For you guys, how does this jive with taking a “slow”, “long acting” (i.e. casien in the form of Cottage Cheese or Whey and Skim Milk) prior to bedtime? 2)How important is ZMA?

(Note: Of Course, “Surge” was not on their list.I think that by all indications, specific “post-workout” formulations will PROBABLY be the next big marketing push. Remember that “Biotest” was first!)

That’s it! Hope to get some good feedback!