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The Fletch Training Log


Have been extremely inconsistent with weight lifting for past several months to put it lightly. That’s not to say inactive. Work involves constant lifting and there’s MMA as well. Strength is still up and other athletic qualities have improved, but body comp is getting worse. I’m headed in the direction of… skinny fat Weightlifting has the most positive impact on this for me compared to anything so it’s time to actually start again with a plan.

Key Notes:
*Even when tired and sore, go to gym and at least warm up. Re-evaluate AFTER the warm up.
*Keep logging training sessions!!! It keeps me accountable and gets me motivated by observing progress.
*Volume will have to be lower than I’m used to to accommodate MMA and work. Just 1 big barbell movement that will alternate between fast bb speed and slower bb speed each week. DE days and RE days both staying in the 70-85% range. For Oly’s rotate between same-ish rep count, but alternate between fewer and more sets. Only two assistance exercises not done with a bb and only one set taken to an RPE >8 if I’m feeling good.
*Whole body so no one part is too sore to carry out the tasks of the next day

The plan for at least the next 2 months:

Power Snatch (estimated max of 175 with good form i.e. no star fishing, straight elbows on the catch)
135x3x5 and 8x2 for Power weeks
Leg Press
DB Floor Press (punching a bag can take it’s toll on the shoulders)

Day 2
Front Squat
Work up in small increments to 5 reps @ RPE8-9 (total of 3 training sets) 8-10x2 w/ accommodating resistance for Power weeks
Landmine Press and Landmine Rows

Day 3
Hang Clean to Push Press
3x5 and 8x2 for power weeks
BW Bulgarian Split Squats
5x10 (or as close to that rep scheme as I can)

I’ll change up main exercises by doing small variations to avoid overuse issues and boredom. Like a zercher box squat instead of front squat, or power clean from the floor instead of the hang etc.

Been a while since I’ve been active on these boards and that was a clear mistake. Time to rectify.


I wondered where you’d gotten to. In for this.



Starting with an RE Week

Power Snatch
All reps were pretty snappy and no form breakdown. Last set felt a bit slower so I quit there. I think for even the RE weeks I won’t go above 3 reps/set on Oly’s and do single on the DE weeks.

DB Floor Press
40lbx5x10 60s rest/set
time to bump up the weight to 45 next week

Bulgarian Split Squat
3x8 w/ bw
I tried using an aerobic platform with one riser instead of bench with my rear ball of the foot on the platform and omg this makes it a way tougher exercise. A much better pump and burn this way.


Did kickboxing at MMA.

The focus was on clinching. Omg Clinching wears me down. I had planned on staying for juijitsu too immediately afterwards but my skalp felt tingly and I was light headed and I’ve got work tomorrow so I went home.


Rock Bottom Front Squat
225x5 RPE 9-10 stopped b/c I didn’t want to do any junk reps. I was already starting to shoot my hips back and round my upper back to the point I had to muscle the bb with my upper back to make the lift
felt kinda shakey after going the first couple of inches below parallel
I’ll do warm ups with a pause in the bottom and do free squat paused squats on my DE week

Landmine presses superset w/ landmine rows
2 dimes for 3x10 for each exercise



Went to MMA for kickboxing. It was bag work, pad work, and gpp today. I was kind of sucking at the all the bodyweight stuff because I’m still sore from Wednesday (last training session). But the bag and pad work went well.

GPP was mostly ab work.

I was especially doing well with the thai roundhouse and doing much better with the boxing work with the pads.

I’ve become pretty decent at keeping my hands up during partner drills, bag work, and light sparring.

I still need to become less hesitant with my punches and work on balance while punching. (boxing is new to me, when I did kung fu for 4 years I did mostly all kinds of kicks, back hands, and ridge hands and only straight ‘push’ punches).

There’s so much more rotation with a boxing style punch and I’m still having trouble efficiently harnessing all that momentum. At least now I have a cross that people will respect which gives me more options during the light sparring we do.



*I thought by cutting out lifting that I would have more energy for work and MMA. This is NOT what happened. Sure it worked for a couple to few weeks, but now I know that by keeping in at least 2 whole body lifting sessions a week I actually increase my work capacity for other activities. I don’t know exactly why, but who am I to argue with the real world evidence I experienced first hand.



Powerclean to Push Press (every 1st rep was from the floor, every other rep from the hang)
*form and explosiveness felt spot on
*read and watched some stuff for the hook grip last night that really helped. My grip was never the weakest link or even close to being the weakest link like it often is. What little grip fatigue I had was just from the habit of crushing the bar.

Leg Press/OH BB Ext/BB Curl Triset
3 sets for a pump for each



MMA today. 1 hour kickboxing, 1 hour juijitsu.

Mostly Abs and Pushups for GPP. Worked mostly on clinching. I just need more practice hear since this is an unfamiliar skill to me and I still feel uncomfortable and awkward with it.

Juijitsu was kind of rough since it had been so long since I did it. It was also hard after all the clinching since it uses similar muscles and energy systems. Mostly, I was out of practice. That’s fixed with more practice :slight_smile: .



Power Snatches from the Floor
135x1x15 EMOM
*Using the new tips for the hook grip and focusing on getting my shoulders further over the bar from in the starting position made it feel like the bar was damn near levitating over my head. At least with half those reps, I caught the bar with my knees nearly locked out and feet no further than shoulder width apart.

DB Floor Press / Bulgarian Split Squat / DB Pull Over Triset
45x5x10 / bodyweight x5x10 / 45x5x10
*will increase weight for floor presses and pull overs and hold hands behind my head for split squats next time



Juijitsu only. Worked on push/pull trip/take down. In free rolling, I mostly worked on keeping my arms in tighter so I didn’t get armbarred constantly. Nearly got my own armbar, but not quite.



20 minutes of heavy bag work at home.

Mostly worked 1, 2, step right foot out into double switch kick one low and one high, 3, body 2, right knee is the main combo I practiced.

did a little double 1, low roundhouse, change angle into body 2


Monday Night

Short Pause Front Squat w/ 50lb of Chains
*Too heavy for a DE type training effect, but it was still good work. Something between 135-155 would be more appropriate for DE.
*Felt really solid during the pause. Had good pop out of the hole but slowed down because my upper back got ‘squishy’ especially the last couple of sets

Landmine 1 Arm Press / 1 Arm Row / Swiss Ball Leg Curls
5x10 for each
BB + 15lb for Landmine Work
*will graduate to 20lb for landmine work next time



Power Clean to Push Press
*planned to do 16 total reps, but I’m still fatigued from Monday in my lower body. Called it when I knew that another rep would mean grinding out the push press when the focus is speed and fluidity today.

Narrow Grip Pull Up / Dip / Cable Squat Combo
3x10 60s rest between trisets
*pull up and dip done with assistance from an average band
*cable squat just done from a normal low pulley setup using a dip belt. Only 50lb since I just wanted to shuttle blood to my legs to facilitate recovery since my legs aren’t recovered yet from Monday

I’ve been doing 10 minutes of power walking up a steep incline on the treadmill after my regular work for a cool down since I started this log. I do think it helps with recovery a bit.



Power Snatch then Hang Snatch
*rep count is if counting power and hang snatch each as individual reps
*first time I’ve done a legit hang snatch with this weight! Some reps were a little starfishy but most were good.

DB Floor Press / Bulgarian Split Squat / DB Pull Over
5x10 for first two, 10,10, 8, 8, 8
*held my hands up high for the split squats to add difficulty. will do this again next session until I can get better constant tension and balance then move to prison split squats
*can bump weight up for the floor press
*didn’t push to 10 on those sets w/ the pull over b/c I would’ve lost constant tension and mind-body connection

Power Walking



BJJ for 1 Hour
*focused on keeping contact so there’s less chance to scramble or counter what I was trying to do
*the lesson was on ‘smashing’ an opponent’s open guard
*during free rolling, I got the chance to practice the cross choke from mount. Other than that, I just focused on working into side control and mount. Got real good tips on getting out of half guard and transitioning into mount. Steps listed:

  1. Straighten leg
  2. Inch my leg out
  3. Once the knee is out, move straight into mount.



Zercher Narrow Stance Low Box Squat
185x8x2 60-90s rest
*Total dinosaur lift. Made me feel like I had been lifting a lot of heavy furniture.
*Very balanced between the work on the legs and back like a deadlift but more lower body focus on quads vs hams and glutes, upper back vs lower, and equal on mid back.
*Low box defined as 3 risers plus aerobics platform

Landmine Press / Landmine Row / Swiss Ball Leg Curl
5x10 45-60s rest between sets
*2 dimes for landime work
*used a small swiss ball, but will use a bigger one next time for more challenge
*I was drenched in sweat at the end of this and twitching

fooled around with some Indian Clubs my gym got.


Last week, I came down with an awful sinus infection that spread to my throat I got a really high soak the sheets fever for a few days so lifting and mma had to take a hiatus.

But this week I’ve been active:

Monday: Kickboxing and BJJ
kickboxing-keep that right hand up when I throw the left hook. It’s only an issue when I throw that hook with power. Something to be mindful of.
BJJ- got good practice with taking someone down from open guard

Thursday: Lifting
Power Clean/Hang Clean to Push Press
*I did PC 1st rep and HC 2nd Rep
*tried 185 and couldn’t get the push press on the 2nd rep

Circuit w/ pair of 20lb DB
Sprawl–>Renegade Row–>Push Up–>DB Clean–>reverse lunge for both sides
*best I could do was a descending latter starting from 5 :blush:

Some work with Indian Clubs:
This feels really nice for the shoulders. I think this is a keeper.

Friday: BJJ
*don’t just lay on my back in open guard! Keep shifting those hips to stay squared so the opponent doesn’t just get around into side control or worse mount.


I actually have been consistent in the weight room and mma, I just haven’t been recording it.

The circuits I’ve been doing after the BB work aren’t working for body comp as well as I hoped so I’m taking inspiration from years before.

To keep training frequency at a decent level and to not take away from mma keep this mentality:
clock in—>do your work–>clock out
Don’t try to kill it and stick with the plan even when I get that lifting high.
Don’t go past RPE8 on repetition work

Add a set to DE work every microcycle and take a step or two back when it starts to feel like too much

Reduce rest periods on RE work and take a step or two back when it starts to feel like too much

Be conservative with the heavy work even if it doesn’t feel like too much while I’m in the gym. It has a way of sneaking up on me a day or two later.

Session 1:
Hang Snatch 10x3 EMOM
Heavy Zercher Box Squat: either heavy singles or doubles @ low end of Prilepin’s or work to 5 reps 8-9RPE
Landmine 1arm Press: 5x10 45-60s rest

Session 2:
Heavy Power Snatch 8-12x1 EMOM
Zercher Forward Lunge 5x8 per side
DE Push Press 115x10x3

Session 3:
DE Zercher Box Squat 10x2 EMOM
Heavy Standing Press either heavy singles or doubles @ low end of Prilepin’s or work to 5 reps 8-9RPE
Rotational Landmine Snatch/Press (start the weight from the ground, speed sumo pull, continue pulling up with lead land at full lower body extension, rotate with hips and guide/press up with far hand) 5x5/side


Got to the gym and forgot exactly what I was supposed to do but definitely good work.

Hang Snatch
95x10x3 Ease it back to 8 sets

Manta Ray Lunges
95lbx5x8 or 4 per leg

Standing Press
115x5 RPE 8.5


Indian Clubs

With all the snatches in my routine there’s no need for OH pressing since the snatches do good things for shoulder development for me and so do the Indian clubs and MMA skill training. I’ll do bench pressing instead.