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The flaws of bodypump

Here it is folks. I am a trainer and I am trying to get people out of bodypump and hitting the weights hard. Now I tell people I am not a big fan of bodypump. They ask me why. The only things I come up with is A. They do not rest long enough between sets to recover. B. the routine they do is primarily using slow twitch muscle fibers. These are the main two I came up with. Anyone else have anything to contribute to my argument. You know I hate being wrong and I hate people not following more free weight proper rest and tempo rate, etc. Please help. Thanks aggrevated trainer.

AT: In a nutshell; what exactly does the program involve? I’m not familiar with it (but I’m always ready to learn!)

Two problems are a lack of a) pulling movements and b) proper instruction/safety. Some say it trys to achieve multiple goals without any real focus, therefore, robbing the trainee of maximal benefits in any one area. However, it does have some parallels with the likes of German Body Comp and Meltdown Training.

how about that they put stress on their joints and that they are not athletes training in a specific endurance sport. also the main burners of fat are muscles and if they added muscle and followed a proper diet they would be healthier instead of having to go burn it off in the gym. how boring it must be for them. laters pk

One big thing is fatigued induced form breakdown. Get tired and proper form goes out the window. Also I saw one those bodypumptrainers doing shoulder shurgs with rolling of the shoulders.

What is Bodypump and please describe it’s prescribed routine(s).

no idea what bodypump is, but if its cardio with those wegiths… then there’s a lot of chicks doing it and only 1 or 2 doods. Good place to meet chicks? dunno

You have your logic all backward…first, discover the REASON why you shouldn’t do it, then use that reason to convince people not to do it. What you’re doing is trying to convince people not to do something without having a reason why they shouldn’t!

Yes, I agree with Charles. As a trainer, you should be concerned with what your “clients” wishes are. Now, if your client wants to become as big and muscular as possible, then bodypump is not the way to go about it. OTOH, if there motivation to workout is simply to become more healthy and build some functional strength, and do all of this in a minimal amount of time, bodypump is probably just right. You have to realize, everyone does not want to be the prototypical T-man. If an individual only has 45 min a day 4 days a week, bodypump is an effective way to build strength (minimal of course) and cardiovascular fitness at the same time. Further, by doing it in a group, they may be more likely to stick with it. If you have a small subset of the bodypump group that comes to you and expresses the desire to take it to the next level, and become more muscular, and make some of the sacrifices that are inherent in that process, then the weaknesses of bodypump can be presented.

ANYTHING that would interest a usually sedentary individual into a more pysically active lifestyle is worth a try. I think the Bodypump classes are like anything else. If the person leading the class is knowledgable in the proper technique/form as well as the other necessary components that make up a good trainer - then there’s nothing wrong with participating in a class. There are bad bodypump instructors like there are bad fitness trainers.

Besides, if a student who's never lifted weights, takes part in a class, discovers he/she really prefers the weight training portion, maybe he/she will then move into the weight room. Who knows?