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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


The old guy was a Neapolitan Mastiff and the little fella is a French Mastiff (like the dog from the movie Turner & Hooch). Great dogs. Loyal and very protective.


My neighbor used to have a Mastiff named Hades. Awesome dog. Also took the biggest shits I’ve ever seen a dog take haha.


@dt79 I don’t know about you, but there is too much dog talk in this thread now. I am going to have to turn off the notifications and not return for at least 60 days.


I didn’t see Hogan shit for years. We live in the country and he always went to the woods for his business. I imagine they were massive tho. He weighed around 140lbs. This lil sumbitch shits everywhere, tho thankfully not in the house. He house trained in less than 2 weeks. Smart but stubborn as hell.
Sorry about your boy Crumbs man. I was pretty broken up when when Hogan passed and swore I wouldn’t have another dog ever. As time went on tho it was depressing not having him and my wife decided that I needed a compadre. She found the pup and got him for my birthday. We’ve been bros since!


Got it.

My old neighbor had two Mastiff’s. My current old neighbor is into Cain Corsos.


Lol! Hey I’m cool with dog talk, pics and all that. I can’t stand being physically near them. The panting, barking, licking, trying so hard to please you etc. I don’t hate them. I hate their behavior and smell. With the exception of poodles. I fucking hate poodles. My wife had one. It drove me nuts.


Completely understandable.
I am that way with Cats. But mainly because I am deathly allergic to them.


Every dog I’ve ever met tried to smell my crotch at least once, what does that mean?


@Benanything Need to clean yourself better.


You’re a dog?


I bathe like 3-4 times a day mate, I’ve no idea how I can possibly clean any better haha.


Dogs rock, miss mine. I heard them referred to as “bottomless pits of need” and had a good laugh


Not wiping well enough then. Dogs do like rolling in poo.


How long has it been since you’ve actively begun searching out new dogs? :wink:


I don’t understand threads/posts about nutrition… People just list out what they would eat on an ideal day and that’s completely beside the point. You can’t eat like that everyday for the rest of your life. It only makes sense if you have a set goal with a deadline of sorts in mind.

General guidelines would work better. Examples such as…

-Restricting your beverages to only water/coffee/tea and maybe alcohol once every 1-2 weeks.
-Get a 1 gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight (I know there are science indicating this is an overkill but to each his own).
-Keep your carb sources mainly from vegetables/fruits
etc etc

That being said, I don’t usually advocate such things much considering I myself have difficulty following them.


Special snowflakes bodies don’t work the same as other humans, they need a qualified professional to tell them that their special diet will work.


It’s driven by low self esteem or a need for validation (nutrition & workout threads). Just read 80% of the 5/3/1 threads. They all start like this:

Just finished my 4th cycle of 5/3/1 and love it! What do you all think of this for my next cycle?

Proceeds to butcher the 5/3/1 philosophy and makes up own program instead of following any of the hundreds of templates laid out by Jim in the books or this forum.

I’m all about learning how to eat and train on your own and modify proven programs to suit your own needs but the search for validation is definitely getting old. The only time I share my program is when someone asks for specifics. I don’t need other people’s acceptance or criticism.


I did this before but it was because I’m fucking stupid and didn’t read the books properly.

Also 5/3/1 is too simple seeming so people add a lot to it without taking the principles to heart.


I don’t think programming matters for people who “work out” or “train” to look good. Just eat reasonable and go to the gym 3-4 days a week and do basic lifts / exercises that you feel like you did some work and hit different parts of your body. Doesn’t matter much.

BUT, If your goal is measurable (PRs, sprint time, sports performance)… then programming is damn near everything.

I also can’t take anyone wearing long compression clothes under shorts seriously.


I’ve never seen a Guy wearing tights bench over 1 plate