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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


I’m not sure if it’s the techniques used or simply the increased frequency of using the joints but every time I focus on increasing one specific lift I end up stopping the program about five weeks in because of joint pain. And I’m not talking about discomfort; I’m talking about repeated trips to the chiropractor for tissue work and realignment.

All of the articles say I’m a pussy and I’ll never succeed if I don’t suck it up, but I can’t afford to miss work due to an injury caused by stupidity and/or ego.



pattern overuse injuries. You could try things like varying your hand placement on presses, stance on squats etc.


Ew, I literally threw up.

… also thanks, I think I lost a lb.


Those black eyes. Devoid of emotion. Sociopath swimming corgi is coming for you. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.


That’s a Shiba Inu haha, a lil different. I recall reading it’s almost cat like in behaviour so… They mostly just sit around and do nothing from my experience.


Im finding amusing [quote=“dchris, post:1557, topic:189836”]
I don’t like dogs.


That would be a cool dog! My cat is almost dog like in behaviour. When the postman comes by she runs to the door, She also retrieves stuff i throw away.
Pretty cool cat!


Amending my “I don’t like dogs” post.

I hate seeing dogs in purses and backpacks. I hate listening to people talk about their ‘kids’. I hate out of control dogs. I hate listening to dogs yap. I hate ankle biters. I hate dogs that are dressed up. I hate humans that dress like their dogs. I hate that ‘non services’ dogs are allowed in restaurants and grocery stores. I hate that a dog can literally piss in the produce aisle where I am buying food, and no one batts an eye. I hate that I am insensitive because I don’t want to pet your dog. I hate that your dog smells like a ‘wet’ dog. I hate that you don’t care that your dog won’t stop barking at night. I hate that your dog barks because the wind blew. I hate that I live near a dog park and every day people walk their dogs past my house and let their female-unnuetured-dog pee in my grass and killing it. I hate that said people let their dogs shit in my yard and I have to deal with it.

WIth all that said, I like hunting dogs, and Labs and Weimaraners.

I had a Jack Russel Terrier when I was 15. He was wondering the streets of my suburb neighborhood growing up. After two weeks, I befriended him and he became attached to me. I named him Jack. My parents let me keep him. 6 weeks later, over memorial day weekend, we went on vacation. My neighbors watched Jack and decided to let Jack play with their pet rabbit. Jack grabbed the rabbit, bit its neck and shook their rabbit. It terrified my neighbors and traumatized their 12 kids. When we got home, I ran to get my dog, but was confronted by a pissed off neighbor that demanded my dog be put down, because he had tasted blood and like it. Four days later, Jack was put down.

…and that’s the story of why I don’t like dogs.


Sorry for your loss man! That sucks! 2 years ago today I had to put my boy Crumbs down after 14 years. Dog’s are truly a man’s best friend. But I would never get another one. Hurts too much when they have to go. Wish they could live as long as us.


Well, I still don’t like dogs.

I’m sorry guys, I just can’t stand being being around them.


Me either, for the long list of reasons above!

My heart has been closed to dogs and will never be opened again.


You’re a dog lover in denial! Just go get another dog. Seriously man, just do it.


OMG! I want these shoes!




Not trying to convince you to like dogs, but this big guy was my best friend for almost 9 years and went to the gym with me every day. The little fella has some big shoes to fill, but he’s doing a pretty good job so far!


I wish there was a LOVE button!


I actually think ‘call me maybe’ is a good pop song, and I have worked out to it. I am a sick, sick person.


Very cool.
What kind of dog was that?


there is, baby. You push it every time