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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


Yup, makes me hate myself just a wee bit, but staring into your own eyes in the mirror while you run yourself down does seem to help with that extra oomph.


That’s just survival instinct. Nothing wrong with it, but it helps to learn to bring your heart rate back down and box the fear up before you get under/grip the bar. Properly harnessed/controlled that fear is very, very useful.


The fear annoys me. The anger helps me lift. Yoda was right.


I’m the opposite. Anger just throws me off because I get too pissed off to execute the lift properly. I’m much better off being scared, acknowledging the fear, boxing it up and calming way down. I can do this for squat and DL pretty reliably now and I’m working on bench. I know plenty of people who do well with a good head of rage going, though.


It really depends for me haha. I need to be calm during singles and angry during rep work.


I don’t have any real mental ‘thing’ when I do rep work unless it’s a PR set and I’ve got a target. Then all I think about is that number. Definitely no anger. Past about 10 reps and I’m just miserable, and if it’s a heavy set (so a PR set most likely) I have to work hard to control the panic because I stop being able to get much air in at all and my body starts trying to shut down. That panic is kind of a useful marker, though, because usually when I feel like I can’t breathe any more I know I’ve got a couple of reps to go before I need to stop.


I’m definitely a pissed off lifter. If I’m going for a set >9 RPE, I’m pacing around, getting myself psyched up, and in cases of going for a 1RM PR I’m just huffing ammonia. This is why I don’t like working out with a partner…


I like listening to classic rock to work out. The guy I lift with says:
“let me pick the tracks this time.”
"Okay cool"
So he puts in a Queen CD. It was a great workout. You haven’t lived till you’ve done a drop set with “Bicycle” or “fat bottom girls” playing in the background.

Just a couple of dudes sweating in a basement with Queen playing in the background. No homo. Lol


Lol! I’m the opposite these days. Instead of fear or anxiety I feel dread and a sense of loathing. My breathing and heart rate are calm (maybe even a bit depressed) as I step to the bar for a PR set on 5/3/1. On deadlifts I no longer have any pre-set stuff. I sadly step to the bar and pick it up. I’m not happy about it; I’m not angry. I tell myself “just fucking do it”.


My point is I fucking hate U2.

but come on Dublin’s very own…:smirk:


Makes sense. To the totally untrained eye (mine) I was reminded of soccer, at least in terms of how much they have to run.


You should really have that looked at and re-calibrated if necessary.

I had mine re-calibrated last night by Heineken.


I don’t like dogs.

They’re fine to look at, but I don’t want to pet them or talk about them.



Ok, ok, nevermind, not going there. Flame-free. Flame-free.


I’m believing more and more that there’s an inverse relationship between the most effective muscle-building methods and joint health. Exercises like leg extensions, flyes, preachers, parallel squats, dips, BTN pressing, Smith machine stuff, and methods like prioritizing certain muscle groups (not necessarily for “balance”, functional symmetry, or the “push:pull ratio”) can be rough on the joints but is (was??) standard bodybuilding fare.


I had to get it out and this felt like a safe place. My office building allows dogs. The yapping, panting, smell…


Same here.

runs and hides


Don’t run. Sit. Stay. Stayyyyy. Good guy.


There is literally FIVE threads right now of poor snowflakes complaining about their untrained proportions.

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