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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen the sun yet this year.


It was 50 yesterday, and 80 today :joy:


I’m pretty sure nobody can tell that I lift.


Sure we can!


I have not set foot inside the gym since the week of Thanksgiving. And I have no valid reason for it.


" I am afraid of getting " TOO BIG" Every time I read this on line or hear it in person , I have to bite my tongue to keep from laughing out loud. Either there are allot of guys with freak genetic potential for size or a allot that need a reality check .


It makes me want to throat punch them. I find it insulting because I’ve busted my ass for years to be slightly bigger than average.


5/3/1 is starting to become the new starting strength.


I’d prefer at least some homo


Yeah any program that’s popular is going to have a cult following. I don’t think it’s such a bad thing other than some fanboys parroting everything Jim writes without understanding or consideration for context.

It’s like that guitarist from U2 vs Stevie Ray Vaughan. Both have cult followings. One is a noob hack making background noises with an ebow and phase shifter and most of his fanboys are noobs who delude themselves into thinking that’s playing with “feeling” despite him having the technical skill and musicianship of a stoned monkey, the other is a “musician’s musician”.

My point is I fucking hate U2.


I think if you randomly join a thread and only post articles you like and think someone else should do you’re a douche


God help me, I’ve started doing an adapted version of the ancient 5BX program. Look, I need the reps for my next grading, OK?


Me too, I also have chucks that I bought specifically for squatting, but I typically wear whatever I walked out to the garage in. Sometimes socks or house slippers, sometimes barefoot. If I plan on doing cardio that day I wear the dreaded and “squishy” running shoes.


Drives me crazy when people say “I’m cutting carbs so I can be ready for summer” like a month before summer. What you cutting out? "All carbs, but it’s a great diet because I can eat anything and as much as I want as long as it’s not a carb!"
Oh and another I’ve heard a lot is “my legs got so huge doing that 30 day body squat challenge I saw on Facebook that I literally can’t fit in any of my jeans!”


Lmao - I had a meal with a few folks including a decently well known author (penned a good number of articles from this very site) a few years ago and despite the accpmishments and credentials of myself and others present in terms of body comp, no one said a word as this author/expert/authority downed several thousand calories at one sitting and justified it because it had little to no carbs.



Definitely not saying the diet strategy doesn’t work- especially in trained and disciplined individuals; however, the folks I’ve heard say this have no idea what they are doing they just have “heard through the grapevine” cutting out all of those evil cabs will have them ripped and ready to rock that bikini they bought on spring break from junior year. Literally one month before summer. :grimacing:


Me too too. I like to do random grease-the-groove type sets throughout the day inbetween jobs, so more often than not I’m lifting in either work boots or slippers.


Yeah, I wouldn’t know what to say in that situation either.


Especially considering this,


I always rehydrate (drink beer) after cardio (hockey).