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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


I can not stand hammer strength machines.

all of the pressing machines- I suck at.

all of the pulling rowing machines- seem to have the handles on the wrong side.


The chest supported row is awesome but I don’t think anyone stood to the side and watched the line of pull when they made it. I’m 6’5" and have to move the seat nearly all the way up to get my forearms close to the correct line of pull. I see a lot of people using that and their forearms end up at a 45 degree angle like they’re adding some external rotation to the movement. Too bad because it’s nice to do some heavy rows while resting the lower back.


I’m afraid to use 'roids because of my ego and the inevitable loss of gains after stopping…and only slightly because of random drug testing at work (not sure if they’d even catch it).

But I also want to look like The Rock.

My goals>unrealistic :disappointed:


If you’re talking about the HS machine, I agree. I fact, I actually stand (straddling the seat) while doing these, and I’m not quite as tall as you (6’3").


You aren’t concerned with the ethical conflict of being paid to enforce laws that you would be breaking? That always seemed the most confusing aspect to me for guys like Ronnie and Poundstone.


On a semi related note, I subscribe to the belief that you can do whatever you want so long as you don’t get caught. Hell, if you could commit any crime in the world and never get any repercussion, will you not do it? Sometimes I think I’ve poor morals, other times, I think I’m just being a realist. I’ve been told that this makes me a horrible person. I guess that’s a major possibility.


You might appreciate Socrates parable about the ring of gyges.


I’ll be honest, the more crap I deal with and see the more I start to develop opinions on which laws I like and don’t like.

We can’t get a gang member charged after he shoots into a crowd because no one will come forward and testify even if we know who did it. But I can get an easy conviction on a personal trainer with gear in his car? One crime kills people. The other spreads gains and possibly bad advice.

Which is more important? The schoolboy answer is both. The personal feelings vary when working those cases.

Sometimes I think we should be encouraged to juice (unless you’re already an asshole). Which would perform better: The current morbidly obese guy who does the least amount of work possible or a jacked guy with confidence? I feel the same about our military personnel.

Don’t get me wrong, I still uphold our laws in a professional manner. Some days you leave the jail smiling ear to ear after booking someone and others you kind of feel like crap because of the circumstances.


So… A bunch of Sylvester Stallone cops and Arnold Schwarzenegger military men.


Absolutely! Ever see the bad guy win in one of their movies? Even Predator knew he was whooped so he turned suicide bomber…and still failed!


I f#%+ing HATE articles that are about a simple workout and show a guy on gear who’s dried out for a show or photo shoot! Like doing 50 pull ups and 100 push ups a day, 6 days a week, for three weeks is going to give me that physique.

See today’s throwback article promising back and chest growth.


Can’t say I share the hatred, I’ve always thought it was common knowledge (which I’m sure you know too) that the pictures weren’t a direct representation of the article. Of course it’d be nice if they could show before/after pictures of people who’ve done the routine but that certainly wouldn’t be nearly as attention drawing.


I know it’s not a regular person in the photos but it’s misleading. Over time when all you see is roided out monsters it starts to appear that their physique is attainable if you just work hard enough.

It’s the same with fitness models. They do a cutting diet for a photo shoot so they’re lean as hell and pose for an article about building your 6 pack for summer. They look normal in terms of muscle mass but walking around with 4% body fat all the time isn’t realistic.

I guess it bothers me because I’ve been chasing those physiques for years and it took a long time for me to realize reality. During the time I was fooled I felt inadequate a lot. I wasn’t working hard enough. I wasn’t disciplined enough. Why can’t I get there? Turns out I was chasing the look of someone just like me who was on just a little bit of gear. I’m not talking about Ohearn type guys; the ones who look realistic but we’re just a little bit better than me. Now it’s just a pet peeve.


I’ve been going to the gym Monday nights, to hang around the Power Lifter dudes at the gym.

They make fun of me for “sculpting” my abs so much.


I hate arm and chest workouts


Fashion is overrated, everything looks good on you if you look good.

Here’s an example…

^everyone looks good in a suit, when you’re jacked, you look good-er

^imagine this on a regular guy, no one will bat an eye

^this is easily the most retarded outfit I’ve seen in a while, put this on a skinny chump and he’ll be the joke of the entire gym or wherever he’s at


I have two pairs of weightlifting shoes, but prefer to squat in my slippers or flip flops.


I perform steady state cardio, situps and static stretches.
I am obviously therefore some sort of horrible pervert.


Agreed, sorta. Calum is a generally good looking guy (no homo?) and could pull off almost anything regardless of his physique.


I got sunburn today. In FEBRUARY!!! WTF? I am already branded for 2017 Grrrrrr!