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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


If the pill is directly related to Kroc, it will have the opposite effect. :wink:


I would take 2 pills.


I would keep training. As far as I can tell, my plan is to keep training until I reach the point that I cannot get any bigger or stronger, and then finally stop and go do something else with my life.

It will be a blessing I suppose.


I can totally relate. During a normal day, I get these weird impulses or thoughts like “I could lift that”, or “if someone was stuck under there I could move that.” I feel very bothered if I see something I could not move. So I go train more.


I look at people and wonder whether or not I could take them. I’m a cop so I’m not thinking of going to go toe in a fair fight though. I think “could I get ahold of that person and slam them into the ground and hold them down til I get them in cuffs or help arrives?” The beauty of cop fighting is that I don’t have to win. I just have to keep people from escaping. But after 6 years (3 with highway patrol & 3 with PD) no one has tested me yet. That’s also why I train–be prepared but deter people from trying shit.


I hate when articles are specified for “Natural lifters”… I think it makes natties look like pussies…


How so? The routines are not necessarily any easier. In fact some typical bodybuilding routines that might work better for non-natural lifters actually look easier, although a real bodybuilder would do them with more intensity but on paper they look easy.


Such a low blow!


Do you train any martial arts? I always thought krav maga and judo would be ideal for police officers, yet all of the guys I know either do bjj or mma.


I don’t train any fighting style. I probably should but if I add something to my program then I’ll have to give something up and I don’t want to give up my weight lifting or family time. We have a group that does BJJ twice a week. It seems that the “rolling” and holds apply to police work well. I’m going to rely on brute strength and conditioning. If things start to get away from me then I’ll cheat.


So basically strength relative to others doesn’t enter into your equation, simply being your best strength-sport self is the goal. What a novel concept haha


A few months after I started lifting I stumbled across t nation and read voraciously for a few months.
I read every article that came out and a huge portion of archived articles but Jim Wendlers articles always rubbed me the wrong way. It was a combination of the way he talked, the way he looked, but mostly his arrogance. (and my ignorance)
Anyway I was looking for a professionally written program (a first for me at the time) and was reading about 915 by CT but didn’t know if i could handle it and then it stuck me: try one of wendlers! I remember thinking that even if his program was only half as good as his ego and arrogance said it was then it still might be worth a try. I figured that if it sucked I would at least know the truth about the guy.
Ive been running 531 in some variation for almost 2 years now.


whenever anyone says “powerbuilding” I automatically assume they’re a moron.


I feel as though this is violating the “flame free” spirit of the thread.


Damn it @T3hPwnisher had to point that out didnt you!! :confounded:


I disagree with the term as it implies that bodybuilding and powerlifting are otherwise completely different entities. I agree with the theory as whether you are competing in bodybuilding or powerlifting, most of the “offseason” training should be heavy, compound barbell lifts for multiple sets and reps. In my gym, nearly all able bodied lifters are concentrating on benching, squatting, or deadlifting every day.


I done it twice::slight_smile:


I spent a good six months when I was around 13 doing bicep curls with my mum’s 1.5kg dumbbells, sit ups and bench pressing around 20kg max nearly every day thinking it would make me irresistible to girls.
It didn’t work.


“Meal prep” right now consists of cans of tuna and bags of frozen veggies stashed in the work freezer.


I can not stand hammer strength machines.

all of the pressing machines- I suck at.

all of the pulling rowing machines- seem to have the handles on the wrong side.