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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


Yes, but he’s not natty so don’t try to train like he does.


[quote=“jskrabac, post:1, topic:189836”]
I think your training for a cut should absolutely be different than training for gains. Different goals require different focus.[/quote]
Yes, definitely. Training for a cut, if you already are, is painful. The muscles are threatening to tear through the skin. It’s addictive though.
Anything that creates ‘pump’ is good for ‘cut’ training.

10 sets pullups, 10 sets dips, 10 sets squats.

Gains require myofibrillar fibers utilization.
5 sets onwards should be suffice. Any rep/set scheme would do.

It depends on your goal:

If you want to improve your technique, try compound -> isolation.
If you want to improve your strength/neural connection, try isolation -> compound

I think it’s the stupidest idea on earth. But hey, if it works right.


Brutal Squat sessions are my favorite part about lifting, no lie. If i didn’t care and just did what I liked I would almost never do anything but Back Squats, Front Squats, Cleans, Deadlifts, and Shrugs.

If I had Spiderman’s power I would go wreck shit in Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Strongman just because I could. That would be so fun and funny, although it would take the fun out of brutal training sessions…


-I’ve been Programming my bicep curls.


I click the “Yes, abandon” button a few times a day after I re-read what I was about to post.


Opposite actually. A masochist actually enjoys the pain they experience. For the analogy to work, I would have to either avoid something I hate or do something I love, but instead I am doing something I hate. Ascetic would probably be more fitting.


Hmm, my interpretation was that you enjoyed the results of training, and thereby “enjoyed” the pain from training because of results. But I’m probably misusing the term.


Basically, if I could get the results without the training, I would. I wouldn’t cry myself to sleep of I got bit by a radioactive Mariusz Pudzianowski and developed superstrength. I would love not having to train. More freetime for pizza and videogames, haha.


I am finding nothing has motivate me more than the fact that my 18 year old sons best lift is my worst and he is going to surpass me soon if I dont get off my ass and get it back into respectable territory …


I believe that chewing gum is a secret intra workout supplement.


Would you still train occasionally to show off your strength? Might have to get a gym membership since unnecessarily lifting at home would be pointless except for youtube videos.


Nah. For me it’s never been about showing how strong I am, simply BEING strong is the appeal.

I wish I could explain why. It is pretty much just an obsession.


I do stupid amounts of volume…and I love it.


I wouldn’t consider it training, it’ll simply be the demonstration of strength.

I’m sure you wouldn’t mind doing a meet for shit and giggles, casually pulling 500kgs on the deadlift if you could. I know I would.


What would be the point really?

I compete because it makes me stronger to do so. Having competition tends to make one stronger vs the absence of it. You could look at it as the “Will to Power” Nietzsche spoke of.


This is very interesting and something I’ve also thought of. If there was a pill available that would make you very strong, like say, Matt Kroc strong, you would obviously take it. But what if that pill was available to everyone and anyone who wanted it could be Kroc strong with no effort whatsoever, would you take it and settle for that level of strength?


Um, pretty sure that would be the point, lol!


Or you could profit off or it. Imagine taking a bet with pretty much everyone in the strength community over your ability to insert ridiculous feat of strength here and winning.


@merrickt assuming it was legal with no side effects, I would take it.

@The_Myth I guess I get my fill of that in life already, haha

@Benanything I am at the point in my life where money isn’t the greatest incentive in the world. However, if it could buy me more time, that would be awesome.


Actually my bigger question is would you settle for the level of strength the pill gave everyone or would you keep working to be stronger than the people that just took the pill. And no, there would be no side effects other than confidence and in a small sample of users a slight swagger.