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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


I haven't trained legs since early august :neutral_face:


My view point is dont let hero worship get in the way of common sense in regards to training.


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I confess that:

1) It bugs me when guys wear fancy outfits to the gym (like $150 LuLu pants - yes they make these for men). If I'm dropping serious $$ on clothing, I sure as hell don't want to front squat in them.
2) It bugs me when guys bring chalk, straps, etc... when they are deadlifting 185 lbs. Seriously happens in NorCal.
3) It bugs me when guys take supplements to "maximize gains and improve nutrition" and then eat lunch at Taco Bell.
4) It bugs me when big, fat dudes lift a lot of weight and act like I should be impressed. If you weigh 280 lbs, I'm not impressed that you can lift more than a 175 lb-er. Standing up is lifting a heavy for weight for you, so you get lots of practice.
5) It bugs me when trainers have out of shape, chubby newbie's doing tricep kickbacks.




I get quite angry whenever I see a man with a gut or who is excessively skinny under the age of about 50. Seriously, if you're under 50 you have no excuse to be anything other than at the very least of a reasonably non-shit physique. You don't have to be jacked or super lean, but for fuck's sake have enough pride in yourself to look vaguely un-shit.


Another thing:

People think if you're fit, you spend too much time in the gym.

But, I see plenty of people who go to the gym religiously M-F but look like they've never set foot in one. Here's their routine:

1) Elliptical for 30 min (at slow/medium pace)
2) Randomly do a few sets at machines at low/medium intensity.
3) Finish up with a some crunches

Doing this with a poor diet will literally give you a crappy physique that resembles any fatty at the mall. I do realize this is better than doing nothing and give them credit for that, but if you're going to carve out the time to make it to the gym 5 hours a week, for God's sake, do something that will make you better physically and mentally.


To follow up on that, I agree, but I also am of the opinion that if your gym has at least some decent lifters/BBers (not necessarily competitive, just people who obviously do the work and know their stuff) you have zero excuses if you're doing dumb shit. If your gym is full of bros and you don't know where to get good information I'm a little more forgiving.


I wouldn’t even consider this a valid excuse, the Internet exists.


As a frequent forum user, I will say the internet has been far more destructive than it has been beneficial for the sport.


I was trying to be nice. It feels weird. In all seriousness, for someone who is pretty clueless about the internet and trains at a shitty globo gym I'll give them a bit more leeway. That person doesn't care about anything other than being physically active.


I only DL 235 but I use chalk for any barbell pulls and pressing exercises. I got them clammy hands so I got to though haha


I do get where you're coming from but I would disagree with you. You think it's done more harm simply because dumbasses seem to appear more frequently nowadays. The Internet has provided us with a place to seek the information we want. I'm sure tons of glass ceilings have been broken as a result of people posting lifts never thought possible and incredible feats of whatever. For example, let's use Alpha's videos. I'd say that they're beneficial for the sport for sure. Powerlifting has experienced a boom as of late as a result of social media.

End of the day it comes down to what the individual seeks, it just so happens that mediocrity is commonplace and some of them aren't afraid of opening their mouths and spewing garbage.


The problem is most of these guys aren’t going to reach their full potential because they have no muscle. The ones eventually hitting big numbers are going to be those who already have muscle. which does not mean they’re the genetically elite, but can be due to a lot of factors like activity level and eating habits while growing up.

Thus, it still goes back to the internet. If people start out building a base of muscle and then specializing in the main lifts instead of going, “I’m powerlifting, not hypertrophy training”, we’re probably going to see an increase in the lifts of the average lifter. But, no, people turn this shit into cult-like beliefs and spread dogma, and internet writers are capitalizing on it by telling them what they want to hear.

To top it off, here’s the best part: most of what I read about “hypertrophy training” is bullshit too.

God bless the internet.


I would agree with benanything on this, finding information and even good information has gotten a lot easier thanks to the internet. If you go on youtube and search "how to deadlift" the top result is layne Norton which is great. But also included in the top five is a joke vid from barbell brigade and a lousy, vague, barely helpful video from buff dudes so pwnisher and dt are also correct haha

The internet is like anything else, If you use it well it will serve you well.


@dt79, you just don't understand. I want to be strong, what's the point of being big if you're not strong. When my weights hit (x,y,z) I'll be big anyway. /sarcasm

I wish I had started with higher rep and higher volume training. It's recently been a focus of mine and my numbers are increasing steadily.


First time, long time. I thoroughly enjoy working out/training to meet specific goals, do not struggle with consistency, but have a thoroughly difficult time sticking to any "tried and true" program even though logically I realize I would make better, and more steady progress.


@dt79... have i told you that I love you?
But in all seriousness.... I share the same view point , plus like I have posted before I feel some guys whom are all about "Hypertrophy" tend over look the strength component also.


Hey man(I'm assuming) if that's what blows your bubbles and you're still reaching your specific goals then I really don't see a problem with that. No point going into the gym to do something you find boring or aren't going to put your effort into. I think that sometimes, in the pursuit of gains, we forget that this is something we do because we enjoy it. Or perhaps we hate it and do it only as a means to an end. Ya, that's probably more accurate. I guess the first part of my post was total crap, you need to get your gym life in order bro.


Just out of curiosity, how do you approach hypertrophy for a big 3 oriented lifter?