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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


I can promise you - it’s been in worse



good stuff


hahahahahaha…funny stuff. Well she was drunk so it was funny at the time. Completely straight, I would’ve got the crack across the back of the head.

Now, with 2 females, I’m very vigilant in my efforts :slight_smile:


HAHAHAHAHA…like the way you think :slight_smile:


I think its funny the number of newer guys I am starting to see post who mentioning that their legs are either Too big or big enough that they do not need to do any actual work on them.


Just for record here is what I think of when the word big legs is mentioned , down below…:grin:


No one actually calls me “Big Jeff”. It’s just a facade. :pensive:


Mostly what I hear when people pass my office is “Hey, Jeffy!”

But Jeffy68 would be a sucky forum handle.


this here is very true…
For the record, I never refer to myself or any body part of mine as “big”.


I ate 3/4 of a large pepperoni and bacon pizza last night and I’m going for pizza with a friend for lunch today. Pre-cutting fat gainz ftw.


My confession: I sit down to piss whenever I’m at home with my wife and kids. It just makes so much more sense, I don’t have to wipe the seat if I get sloppy. I don’t have to listen to my wife complain about the seat being up. no one has to deal with cleaning the bathroom walls cuz no matter how or where you aim you still splash if you stand. And I get to SIT in the only private room in the whole house a few times a day and just do nothing! Well, almost nothing, I do read a lot of T-nation…



You are forgiven, Lad. Just dont let it happen again.

I confess to crop dusting the office in a fit of rage…or flatulence


Sometimes… i think people on line take the whole training/working out thing too seriously . Dont get me wrong I myself enjoy it and is a part of my life, BUT its only a part…

Lets be honest outside of the gym most people other than people of similar interest could give two shits less what your bench is… or about your 20 inch arms or six pack.


Why do they have to put chocolate chips and crap in these protein bars. It’s not like they taste good or anything. Just make them plain so you can choke the bastard down!


I find the sitting and pissing protocol handy in the middle of the night, if only so I can cop some zzzz’s - multitasking is a good thing.


Barbell floor press >> Barbell bench, for chest development and strength gains.



It doesn’t even make sense


I find it funny when guys program something into their program without even asking themselves "why"
They never ask themselves if it will benefit them or even it is even necessary for them to do it . When you do ask most of the time the answer is because so and so does it.


I bought a squat stand, pull up bar, bumper plates, barbell, ab wheel because I feel when I get really focused anyone around me can’t get on the same level of intensity I am and so they are holding me back. I’ve had to learn things by myself because of this.

I’d rather workout alone to make sure I keep my intensity high. I’m sure this will be tough for me once my wife wants to join in.


I have a personal saying that someone is “arrogant and ignorant.” People who try to sound like an authority outside of their area of expertise is a major a pet peeve of mine. And, to avoid any doubt, exercise science is certainly not my area. I’m here to simply improve my desk jockey self. So that was to simply say that I heard a Japanese proverb the other day that struck me along the same lines: “The frog in the well doesn’t know the sea.” I read this as both a warning against small pond small fish syndrome, and also a general warning against the unexpected or black swans.

So I’m sure I’ll wake up in the morning and once again wonder what the hell I was ranting against. Oh, in any event, Merry Christmas and happy 8th night of Hanukkah. And Happy Festivus. And before you mistake me as being too PC, let me be the first to say that, one those first two are family holidays, and that second one is a friend holiday, and three, I haven’t encountered a holiday yet that involves drinking that I don’t like. So cheers and whatnot.


I heard this put into perspective quite well one time, which was to think of an area you ARE an expert in (likely your job or hobby), now consider how much more you know now than even 5 years ago in that subject (in which you were still likely very, very educated on the subject)… So please do take a moment to consider that you just might not know a god damned thing in an area you havent studied at all before you attempt to discredit something an expert says. Honestly I find the more someone learns in a subject the more humble they become about it, and in certain ways less certain that they know anything with 100% certainty. That is one of the hallmarks of true expertise in my opinion.

[quote=“bulldog9899, post:1358, topic:189836”].

I find it funny when guys program something into their program without even asking themselves “why”

A great Charles Staley quote: "Everything you do in the gym has a risk, but not everything has a benefit. "

So If you are just adding X,Y, or Z you better be sure you are getting the benefit, because you are definitely taking the risk.


Thats a good one… definitely similar to my point of view.