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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


I don’t think it’s necessary for a guy for bring up the toilet seat if he’s taking a piss. Just learn to aim, sheesh.


The very definition of laziness. You lift thousands of pounds of weight every week, and cannot lift a 1 pound toilet seat…smh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s conservation of energy. How else do you think we can lift thousands of pounds a week?


I ran 5.3.1 for many months had good results
but was b.o.r.e.d. to tears.

I get obsessed with a ‘lift’ a ‘movement’ or a number to pr
hit my plan and feel so anticlimactic like signing a mortgage

I can not bench more then 275
and could give two fuks.

just upgraded knee sleeves wrist wraps and some compression cuffs
and was pleased that all the colors matched


It’s not so much laziness but rather training my weiner accuracy. For all I know, maybe one day, I’ll be trapped in a jail cell and there’ll be a tiny fire burning right outside said cell. When that day comes, I’ll be glad that I practiced on a daily, putting out the fire with my superior wiener accuracy of pissing.


Never underestimate the importance of legibility when writing in the snow


I usually just piss everywhere…sheesh.


“send more beer” in script…no thats control my friend


Yeah, me too! Well, I used to, until that one time I almost got arrested. :wink:


same here.

1 bathroom. 2 women, wife and daughter, in the house. I have had my share of pissing in the back yard and the ole “Howdy Neighbor” moments…


Somebody wrote “Clinton sucks” in the snow with urine outside the White House when Bill was President.

The FBI determined it was Gore’s urine.

And, it was Hillary’s handwriting.

Just saying.


I always find myself in a conundrum. If I leave the seat up, it proves that I didn’t pee on it. If I put it down, I assume the next lady to use the bathroom assumes I did pee on it.

And, why should I have to lift the seat, pee, and lower the seat? Shouldn’t we all put the seat and the cover down so it’s clear that it is ready to be used, has been used properly, and for equality?


Thank God, i’m not the only one.

I had this same conversation with my wife. Why the hell do men have to do all the work? Why can’t it be fine for everyone to adjust to their needs…


Gawd fabid you forget to put it down.

I left it up once and I guess in her drunken/hungover moment she fell in while sitting down…:slight_smile:


I’ve heard that before… somehow its wasn’t an acceptable response when I quipped back ‘In my drunken stupor I pissed all over the seat.’


yup…wet if you piss on the seat
wet if she falls in with the seat up…its a double edged sword I tell ya


The latter you get a clean booty.

The former you get a clean body (after showering).

Looks like a win-win to me.


It is NEVER a good thing when she falls in, because of your lack of consideration, drunken or not! How would y’all like to drag your prized weiner thru disgusting, cold toilet water? No. I didn’t think so. And let’s not forget… It’s hard to get the taste of Tidy Bowl off your tongue later :astonished:


-I completely give up on the 5/3/1 forum. Love the program but cannot take another “Mr. Coach Wendler Jim, I changed everything about your program and need people to ok it, but I’m going to do it how I like no matter what” followed by “Hey I read the original book 5 years ago and vaguely remember parts of it, so here’s my bastardized version advice.” It used to be fascinating, in the same way you look when driving by a bad accident, but it’s just out of control now. Poor Jim.

-I had no idea who Sandow was but am relieved that he is not causing me anxiety.

-Doubt I could do a one handed pullup, but I don’t think I’m heavy enough for that one thread to consider it impressive.

-I’ve read all of the 1300 posts in this thread and enjoyed it.

-I don’t have the damndest idea how many calories or grams of protein I get but it seems fine.

-Yesterday I wondered if I could do a standing ab-rollout and just about face planted.

-I’m 32 and take a joint health supplement that’s advertised with a picture of an old lady doing yoga.

-It would take the loss of the limb and maintenance of current strength levels for me to have a body-weight press.


You know he has to be sick to death of that shit! Bless his heart.