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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


I thing it all has to do with how you’re built. For me I can deadlift a PR and feel nothing the next day but a bit sore upper back. Squats ? Absolutely digusting mentally and physically. I can’t relate to any time I saw someone or was looking forward to squatting some big weights. Anything over 3-4 reps for me is cardio , really lol.


Haha yep I love the soreness in my traps after a good deadlift session but that’s usually all I feel.
I think the squat vs deadlift thing is more of a mindset for me, I like deads cuz for me they come a lot easier but I like squats cuz they make me strain so much harder, like in regards to some of the above posts, I’ve blown capillaries in my back and chest many times squating but only once deadlifting. And I love high reps on both haha
I’m beginning to enjoy squating a lot more now that I’ve narrowed my stance and stay more upright too (Alpha style).


But yes, your inclination toward a lift definitely has a lot to do with how you’re built. I have normal length legs and torso but longish arms. My buddy is built like a fire hydrant and hates deadlifting but squats and benches multiple times a week. He has stubby little hands too haha


I kind of feel like this proves my point, in a way…


Never figured you for a racist, Ben.


I suppose I wasn’t referencing the “how shitty was your life” part…I was more responding to the concept of “lifting weights can improve your life” is ‘asinine bullshit’.

Oh well, it obviously doesn’t matter.


na I get what you mean, I’m just messing around.


We all know only white people can be racist sheesh, don’t make me pull out my Asian card.


I mean this was basically the case with me- for sure


Sometimes when you are down in a hole (Alice in Chains anyone) and you start getting your ass to the gym; it can manifest itself in other ways in your life.

I can attest to this. Worked for the largest asset manager in the world; got shit canned for political reason and spent many years down in the rabbit hole. One day my young buck sons dragged my ass back into the gym. Once I made it a daily habit, things started to change. Specifically, trying to find answers or recourse at the bottom of a bottle. Fog started lifting, depression and the demons started getting beat back…meh you get it… I dont want to sound like one of those fucking memes…


I’m with ya on this. Nothing makes me laugh more than the tools who try to equate lifting with going to war on an ancient viking battlefield. It just screams inferiority complex. Don’t get me wrong, the mental aspect of lifting especially for those who compete is very important. But that dramatic rah-rah bullshit is silly.


I’m pretty sure my dentist invented the hook grip. It seems like something he would think of.


Fixed. Because:

I need a Leroy Davis in my life.


Those damn welshies sound like they’re speaking another language


I knew Trump was going to win months ago.


I feel there are allot of people whom post form videos or self made training programs to be critiqued for the sole purpose of having their ego’s stroked. Considering how many get butt hurt when someone who is more experienced and or more accomplished gives them constructive criticism. :astonished:


The concept of the K.I.S.S principle is lost on allot of people in regards to lifting…


The concept of the K.I.S.S principle is lost on a lot of people in regards to ____________________ (insert literally everything, lol)


I couldn’t agree more. What do you think is the cause for this?


Who knows, man. I think people just think something is better if it is more complex, but I have no idea why. Most of the time that’s not true. It’s a common problem we see especially here. Hell, count me as one of the dolts that does it.

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