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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


I absolutely hate AMRAP sets. The last time I did an actual AMRAP set, I nearly puked and passed out. The best part was, I actually “left one in the tank”. To be fair, I did get 14 reps on what I thought would’ve been 4 reps but boy that was painful.


…that’s not normal?


@T3hPwnisher I’ve never understood people doing AMRAPS but then when questioned have never had a nose bleed, broken a blood vessel, blacked out, or cried during one of these sets.


Jokes aside, I’m pretty sure you’re well aware of your extremely skewed perception of normal haha.


that’s funny. I was bent double after a set of squats the other day like “Oh fuck… jesus… jesus fuck that was hard…” and my girlfriend was laughing at me. I was like “this is how you’re supposed to look after squatting!”


I did a write up about this. It is amazing the looks of disgust and confusion you receive if you are actually exerting yourself in the gym.


If I end up light headed after my deadlift and squat AMRAP sets am I heading in the right direction?


If you’re not a little light headed after even 1 rep of a moderately heavy deadlift you are not getting tight enough


You guys make me feel like a poon. I get pretty light headed on some high intensity, balls to the walls sets, but mine isn’t as much of a “I’m gonna pass the fuck out right here and now” Response as a “I wanna go lay down in a dark room for eight hours and not move” type haha.
You guys definitely motivated me to get more reps today though. It was 3’s week for push press and I was aiming for 6 on my top set. I got to 6 and I was like “well, I don’t have a nose bleed and I’m not about to black out, so fuck it I’ll get 8.” I got my eighth and about fell out with the bar over my head-lol


That’s a sign that you’re bracing well for sure. I’ll get that way on my last warm-up.


You guys have made it my goal to try and die tomorrow on squats. Brain aneurysm or gtfo


I am a jaded son of a bitch regarding what I find impressive strength wise and developmental wise compared to some. Probably due to the fact that I have been doing this crap on and off as a hobby WAY TOO LONG. doesnt help that over the years I have had the chance to lift with or meet some pretty high level guys .

Case in point when I was at a local YMCA and some guy was putting up 275 on the bench with a bunch of onlookers … Im standing there scratching my head wondering why? Ok maybe that is just a oversimplification
Im sure I cant be the only one who has found them selves in a similar situation.

In a similar fashion what I found that really has me stumped is like how on you tube that there are so many guys whom I find mediocre in strength and or development whom have a ridiculous amount of followers.


I’m the same and I haven’t even been doing this for very long. For me, it comes down to what I’ve managed to achieve - not that much yet - and what I had to do to get there - relatively little - and what I’ve seen others around me do. So, I’m only impressed by a fair bit more than what I can do and what I’ve seen. For example, I’ve seen enough guys benching over 300 lbs in training that I’m not really impressed until I see a bench close to 400 lbs; same with 500 lbs on the squat, except that’s something I’ve done as opposed to just seen done.


I’m pretty sure 93% of all success on youtube workout channels depends entirely on attractiveness/abs.


I find nothing more boring than internet fitness industry types.

Videos of bodybuilders training, pictures of guys with awesome physiques, fitness chicks, any instagram of anyone fitness related, and don’t even get me started on so-called “motivational” pictures.

A mate of mine who I train with every now and then is always like “Dude, do you know [insert name here]? Guy’s jacked. I’m going to do his routine.” My girlfriend’s the same. She’ll do some weird exercise because some random fitness chick she saw on instagram says it’s the best way to build glutes.

Who cares? Why would anyone want to watch a video of someone else working out? Do you sit in the gym and just spectate? All of these internet fitness-types are just the same person with a different face. They all say the same shit, do the same shit.

And what the fuck is up with these videos where it’s like “take charge of your life, crush weights, be the best you can be, forget yesterday, there is only now” type bullshit. Why do you need to amp yourself up like “yeah, I’m a goddam herculean motherfucker gonna go smash weights like yaaaarrrrrr hardcore light weight baby!” before something so trivial as a workout? All you’re doing is exercising. The universe doesn’t care, so stop making out like you’re some epic warrior locked in eternal battle or whatever else these stupid motivational types try to make out like.

And lastly, when I hear asinine bullshit like “lifting weights has made me a better person” then I can’t help but wonder how shitty a person you were before if something so pedestrian as weight training improved you…


Well in all honesty, I would say lifting weights made me a bit more of a douche overall. As a kid who used to get picked on a shit ton 3-4 years ago, its always fun running into said people especially since most of them stayed pretty much the same size.

Ahhhh Asians, the only people who’ll consider someone overweight if he’s 75kgs/1.75m.

Best part is, I know too many of asians who strut around on their high horse thinking that “white people are all fat” and look at us, we’re slim and slender and not overweight.

DISCLAIMER: I know it seems like I’m generalising all Asians but I’m pretty sure I’ve met enough different asians from different countries/cultures/whatever to pass judgement.


I think most people mean that it improved their lives rather than making them, intrinsically, a better individual. I’m a prime example of this…

I know this is flame-free but…you never know how far down the rabbit hole some people go, to the point where something “pedestrian” helps them get back to normal, which is actually pretty amazing, in comparison to where they were.


I agree with this whole heartedly. I have been to the bottom of the rabbit hole, and lifting has been the rope ladder for me. I know I am not worth a shit at it, but it still makes me better.


I agree with the first reply that you should train differently in a cut rather when you’re bodybuilding.
I also think that you can and should train deadlifts often and I mean things like 80+% of your max twice per week. Maybe I am built for deadlifts or so, but I think many peoplr pussify around deadlifts and say things like : they take too much time to recover, you’ll get injured, bla bla bla. Again , maybe I am built to deadlift, but too many people get scared from deadlifts because of all this hype , it should stop.


I’m with you on this one, I use the 5/3/1 progression/rep scheme and I can hit a deadlift PR and hardly feel anything the next few days but I’ll feel a squat PR for almost a week. It does make it hard to relate to the ppl who can squat 3 times per week but rarely deadlift though.