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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


I do. In the back of my old, rickety van. People are more than welcome to pay for the second eye if they survive the first surgery.


Sometimes you just need to pound upwards of 50g of protein in liquid form in one gulp!


Oh and I think "mobility work" might be a fucking scam


That 'sometimes' come way more often when actually finding sources of protein is hard haha.


Agreed. If you want bigger ROM, progressively increase that ROM. Simples.


I ripped a huge loud fart while doing glute ham raises today. Really asserted my dominance over the Friday night gym bros


I fantasize about banging the entire US Olympic women's volleyball team at least once a day


Uggos not included....


I fantasize about having that much stamina


Well it's easier when you only need about three pumps per woman


If I had a squat rack in my house, I can see myself having up to 6 or maybe even more 'squat sessions' a day, working up to a relatively heavy single every single time. Considering I'm not that strong of a lifter, it takes like 3-5minutes.


I have a garage gym and tried the squat every day approach. I quit on day 5. Now, I just gently caress my rack on off days.


Squatted 17 times in a week once, thank god I live beside my school. That being said, what kept me from keeping it up is the sheer annoyance I got from having to walk to school multiple times a day and having to deal with the other dumbass gym goers.


Waiting on idiots shrugging under spine twisting weight in the squat rack did it for me.

That's solid though. My old knees would explode if I squatted 17 times in a week.


The longer I do this, the less sympathetic/patient I am to people who talk about wanting to get stronger/leaner/bigger but don't. It's simple to do: turn up, do the work, be consistent and make changes as necessary to get results. If I can manage it, so can anyone else. If you don't want to do the work that's fine, but please stop talking about what you want to achieve.

I need to be careful though, I think I may end up upsetting someone I don't want to the way I'm going.


I hate programs, I have done a couple of different ones and I never found anything I liked. I don't want to have to do x sets x on days I feel like shit and conversely I don't want to limit myself to x sets of x on days I feel amazing. Maybe there is something out there that I would enjoy but fuck it, I am progressing doing my own thing and enjoying it (which is the most important part to consistency, imo) way more.


You might like 5/3/1 due to the AMRAP sets.


Yea I ran that for awhile, enough to deload a few times, a few years back and the AMRAP was definitely my favorite part of it. I am considering throwing that portion back into my deadlifts because, when I do them, I get way too little volume.


I love programs. If I didn't have programs, SS, Dan John's Mass Made Simple, and 5/3/1, I would still be a miserable weak puke.

Wait...I am a miserable weak puke.


Love the completely opposite opinion! I understand that programs make sense for a lot of people and honestly if I could stick with a program and had goals suited to a specific program one would make sense for me, i would probably progress faster. I am thinking about competing in PL in 2017 (for the first time), if I commit to that I will probably switch to a PL specific program.