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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


for sure. Whenever I hurt my back part of me is always like “finally an excuse to just train upper body”


Although I understand this website is affiliated with biotest I think their products are pushed way too much. This makes me wonder whether they are actually good products or not and makes me less likely to consider buying them. It’s especially annoying when almost half the articles I read mention biotest products are needed to be successful half way through.


I know this is a “flame-free” thread, but this type of complaint comes up once in a blue moon and it’s always exaggerated beyond reality.

I just checked. 2 (two, just two) of the 20 most recent Tips contained a link to a product and 12 of the 40 most recent full articles contained a link to a product. Considering that tips/articles are specifically meant to discuss the best training, nutrition, and/or supplement methods, and coordinating those three factors will always be the best way to see results, there’s often going to be overlap. But the reality is, links aren’t included very often at all.

If you don’t want to buy Biotest products, that’s your call. But them being pushed “too much” is a bogus excuse. Maybe you feel like they’re pushed too much, but that’s in your head and is very different than what’s actually happening.

The Biotest forum has tons of people talking about using their products. This thread in particular has a few dozen people discussing what they like and why.


I was in the same boat about not knowing if biotest was all hype or not. actually posted a thread kinda asking the same thing a while back. I finally decided to see for myself and now take 1 scoop plazma pre/during and 1 scoop mag-10 post and even after just a few workouts I’m noticing a marked decline in soreness and DOMs. I’d like to thank @Chris_Colucci for talkin me into givin em a try. Definitely not disappointed


If that’s the case I certainly have over exaggerated and I take it back. I’ll take a look at the biotest forums and see what it’s like. I think part of it comes from them seeming too good to be true and I’m always very sceptical but if someone told me 5/3/1 would give me the results it has I would have said the same so I’m open to change.
Thank you for taking the time to check the articles and write a detailed reply.


That’s interesting that they’ve lived up to the hype for you. I’d definitely like to try them if I could afford it, I just don’t think I have that much money to spend on supplements right now.


Like I said, I just recently started so I can’t speak on how much of a difference in results it causes, but it definitely helps with recovery so it’s a plus in my books. It’s not a big deal on cost for me cuz I was spending a bunch of money on PreWO, supps to give me better pumps, BCAAs etc. that were (except certain times I still take BCAAs throughout fast days) replaced by plazma and mag-10. Throw in the discounts they give on larger orders and I actually didn’t spend a whole bunch of extra money on em. Not trying to be a salesman here, but it’s definitely worth tryin em out at least once


I started using Plazma a bit over a month ago. I was skeptical, but every single time I’ve trained using it I’ve had a better day than I expected - especially on days when I’ve felt like garbage. Tired and slow? Still hit rep PRs. Recovering from stomach upset? Still got through without having to drop weight or cut out work. Feeling good? Annihilated the weights. Expensive, but 100% worth the money.


Thank you both for your inputs I’m slowly becoming more inclined to try it. Maybe I was too quick to judge. I did notice you’d started using it from your log Mark and were getting good results. Without derailing the thread when do you use it? The suggested use seems excessive.


I use one scoop on my squat and DL days. I figured the recommended dose was based on very intense training by someone larger and leaner, which mine isn’t and I am not yet.


I would try the shit out of Plazma and Mag-10 if I could afford them and if they delivered to Singapore(if I was rich enough, I could just get them delivered, just saying). The way some of the articles mention them, it makes them seem like god damn magic. That being said, I don’t take any supplements at the moment as much as I’d like to buy some protein, I can’t afford to.

I don’t get the need for supplementation for most of you folks living in western countries. For example, the US and Australia, I’m using them as examples cause I’ve actually been there. I’ve been to both countries and the food available to the average man/woman seems perfectly reasonable for building muscle. The only reason I can see why someone would get supplements is if they’re really cheap enough to outweight the cost.

For reference, here’s what we eat in my gains forsaken country.


In both examples, the average man eats a measly 70g of protein a day. 70g of protein, are you kidding me?

Oh and to highlight how ridiculous this is, let me quote the article for you.

##So if you need about 1500 calories a day and you are eating on average, about 1692, you are not going to be morbidly obese or anything. You might find your work pants getting a little tighter day by day but it will not something that you’ll really be too concerned about. And that’s the problem with most Singaporeans I think. In general, our calorie consumptions may be a little high but not excessively high enough to warrant everyone to be up in arms against high calorie consumption.

1500 calories for a grown ass man. Who only needs 1500 calories?

No wonder the average man here weighs in the mid to high 60kgs at a height of 171cm.

HELL, WE EVEN HAVE A MODIFIED BMI SYSTEM(which is completely broken btw) and according to said system, I am overweight. The fuck. Sorry for the rant but this gets into my next point of…

I get beyond unreasonably upset when someone tells me they can’t eat enough to stimulate growth.


There’s no real need, but wise selection can make a given task easier if your nutrition is dialled in reasonably well. Plus, Plazma actually works in that you get better results than with just food. But, if you use Plazma without a decent diet you’re still buggered.


Here’s an idea, Biotest. If Plazma (and/or any of your other products) is really a difference-maker, give it away–as in, a free one-month supply. I can assure you, if I were to try it and find it works well, I’d be a customer for life, and Biotest would recoup the cost of the free trial many times over. That’s what a smart crack dealer does–gives away the first hit or two in order to create a market for his product. (I know this of course because of my lengthy history as a highly-successful crack dealer.)


I placed a bet on Trump at the bookies.


When did you get your bet in/what odds did you get?

Do you gamble a lot?


It’s not so much a “need” as it is using every tool at your disposal. Can you build strength and size with concrete blocks on the ends of rebar? Yep. We’ve all see those pics of the homemade outdoor gyms in Africa or South America or where ever. Would you be more likely to see better results training in a gym with Eleiko bars, calibrated plates, squat racks, and a full cable setup? Same idea to using just food vs food and quality sports supps.

Do you give away many laser eye surgeries? Or, do one eye free, then charge them for the other when they notice the great improvement? Not sure how joking you were, but there’s a 100% money-back guarantee on first-time purchases of products. So you can buy Plazma, run through a few weeks’ workouts, and then decide whether you want your money back.


To counteract the hijack, I offer a confession:

I’m about 95% sure that dips beat flat barbell benching in almost every possible way.


I didn’t realize this. That works too.


No problem. Details/more info on this page.


Late October. The odds were 7/2.

I don’t normally gamble haha. This was just for fun.