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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


I agree as well. Even if the biceps just function as a space to add more mass, I definitely think my bench is moving up faster when I am dedicating some time to bringing them up along with the rest of my upper body.


See, I knew it! It’s all my puny arms’ fault! Grrrrr!


I don’t use a belt for deadlifts, or squats.

And no lifting shoes or Chucks. Just socks.


Getting old sucks. My right knee is acting up, I have tendinitis in both forearms, and I pulled something under my right arm two months ago, and probably should go to my Ortho. I won’t go though until it becomes debilitating. It’s not that I dislike doctors, it’s just that I know the prescription will be “rest.” I’m going to be a cranky old bastard but I’m not going to be a weak and fat old bastard.


I have 3 leg extension attachments. I never do leg extensions. Is the universe trying to tell me I should be doing leg extensions?


I get really upset when I see people on the StairMaster bent over, leveraging most of their body weight by holding onto the rails so they can walk faster…or just be SEEN using the StairMaster. So does the lady…she and I have discussed this concept at length together…


I worked out for 4 years during university (albeit inconsistently and aimlessly) with no iPod/mp3 player and the gym did not play music over the speakers.

I ran into a girl at a party and she came up to me and said “hey, you’re the guy who works out with no music…” Apparently, that was abnormal.

Now, working out without music feels odd.


Sounds like it was well worth it. Imagine every girl at the gym knowing you as the guy who focuses so hard that he doesn’t need music.


Or that creepy guy who has a blank stare on his face rather than jamming to some tunes. Either way, I’ll take it.


Like this? “Hi, I slouch at my desk all day at work, and then reinforce that horrible posture while I workout.”


Exactly! :slight_smile:


Very few things shit me more than people who make a big deal about being drug free. Who cares? To me that just means you won’t do everything it takes to get stronger or faster or bigger while insinuating that you’re better than someone who will so you have an excuse to justify being weaker, slower or smaller. Get fucked. If I lose to someone enhanced it’s my fault, not theirs. I could get whatever enhancements I want, so there’s nothing stopping me.


I agree, whenever someone asks me if I’ve ever taken steriods, I say no but make sure to reinforce that I have no issue with people taking them. Most folk have a VERY negative viewing of steriods, and will discuss it over their 5th beer and half pack of smokes…


That’s what I don’t get. Beer, weed and tobacco all okay. A drug that will actually make you stronger? Nope. We can’t have that. That shit will kill ya. I’m not one to make sweeping statements, but there is something weird going on with the increasing whiny weakness being bandied about as normal.


hehehehehe yea like the rapid fire end of the Cialis commercial…may cause blindness, deafness, hardons for days, uncontrollable diarrhea and or kidney failure…

but you take something to ‘enhance’ strength/size you are a ___. (fill in the blank)


Or every time a girl asks how much you lift, and replies with “Wow, so you can probably kill me so easily :open_mouth: hahahaha xD!!!”


Well, which girl doesn’t want a strong man? Actually, a lot of girls in my generation/age group don’t. Cause lifting weights for reasons other than aesthetics is “barbaric”.


I think it’s pretty straightforward - when somebody is caught using steroids, instead of throwing them in jail…you don’t.

As far as safety, purity, etc. I’d imagine in the US such a scenario would wind up similar to that of tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, etc. - there would be regulations to act as safeguards but inevitably there would be some people who abuse them.

Does that make sense?


Wow! It’s been so long since I have eaten any chips, I had no idea there were 640 calories in a bag of Fritos… may I should eat these more often :grin:


I get unreasonably upset when I see someone say they can’t train because they are injured.