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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


after 1 year of deadlifting i have just realized i have to squeeze the buttocks at the top


Fortunately for me, I found this site prior to BB.com. I remember being a young lad, reading through the ass worship thread in SAMA. I was disappointed when I started reading this site again to see it was gone.


I avoid talking about lifting or any type of training with most people (in the real world)… Because at times their total lack of knowledge shows. So much so that i just want to tell them to please shut the hell up especially when they try to come across as knowledgeable . :rage:


I just had impetigo. I’m a 44 year old man and I had impetigo. It was nasty. I had to shave my beard off. I wouldn’t leave the house for a couple of days. Not sure if it was due to the impetigo or shaving…


All you, boss



I must have missed this while I was asleep. TBH, I average eight, anything less and I am a POS. It might be an age thing.


Definitely the shaving. Impetigo may be gross, but leaving the house without a beard on is just shameful


I thought old people needed less sleep?


I don’t know if we need less sleep, but we definitely get less sleep.


Habituation is a wonderful thing. I know at 25 I needed more sleep than I do at 31.



I’ll check that out. Right after I take a nap.

Seriously, I think you’re right, unless you are training, then I think you need more sleep for recovery. Adding LBM past forty is a mothafucka, and food and sleep are hyooge.


HAHAHAHAHAH…this is soo true.


Yep. The only reason I’m not 225# ripped at age 54 is that I have to get up every 3-4 hours to pee.


Hey guys im 14 and a half i dont want to stunt my growth but i want to gain muscle and strength. I have access to gym five days a week and need a good program. I want to get ripped and have nice abbs as well.
I have a 4 pack but a little fat covering them its not very visible. I weigh 67 kilos amd have decent muscle already. I want to be able to run fast and jump high, have better long jump. Just good cardiovascular fitness as well as being ripped.


Create a new thread specifically for your question.


-I absolutely hate it when basically everyone refers to a tabata as taking EXACTLY 4 minutes…the last 10 secs don’t count ,dumbfucks! since, well…THAT’S THE END POINT!

-I’m not convinced most people really need de-loads. ‘Contrast’ weeks (maybe) Ie: If you normally do low reps you do a week of just high reps an actual de-load, though, no, I’m not convinced.

-I think most supplements are complete garbage/mostly a placebo effect!


I’m thinking troll. Another similar question posted in a training log very recently.


I think the importance of strong biceps in help developing a big Bench has been overly down played for years.


Can you elaborate? (I’m not challenging your statement, just trying to understand the role you see for the biceps in bench press.)


Stabilization on the eccentric portion of the lift…