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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


I believe you can fuck up in all sorts of ways but as long as you’re consistent and not a dumb ass, you WILL progress. The rate of progression though, that’s a whole other topic.


I hate when people say “fit fam”. I’m not your fam, and most of the time the people saying it aren’t fit.

I also hate when people ask me what ive been doing for my diet, as a setup for them to talk about how they don’t eat dairy, gluten, red meat, etc.


Then you should probably stay away from BB.com.


I have no idea what that Greyskull program folks are always talking about is.


Squats are giving me a huge ass, and everyone is starting to tell me about it.

But i keep doing em…


Of course you are. There’s nothing worse than a flat, bony, small ass.


My confession:
I just spent the better part of my day off reading this entire thread from start to finish. And I don’t even feel bad about it


I never really want to see powerlifting at the Olympics. I like how it’s an honest, working class, grassroots sport where pretty much no-one involved gives a rat’s behind what you do to increase your total as long as you work your arse of and respect your fellow lifters.


I’ll do you one better and confess I actually really don’t like the sport of powerlifting. While I can appreciate the strength and determination of the competitors, I find the sport itself rather boring.


embrace it. Lots of guys don’t realise it, but girls check out asses just as much as guys do.


Amen. I like the concept of powerlifting - getting stronger and using a handful of lifts to gauge your progress - but people take it too far and find ways of performing the lifts better rather than getting stronger (cheating ROM, wearing gear, etc). At this point it’s not about who is stronger, it’s about who plays the game better and invests the most time refining technique to shave off every mm of ROM.


That is pretty ridiculous. Pretty sure it’s IPF too, where you aren’t allowed to raise your head or heels. But that arch? No worries.


As far as I know, no one wants to admit it but (in my opinion) powerlifting is currently a fad, at least with the younger generation. It blew up due to Instagram/YouTube.


I don’t like how great form is the new ego lifting

Sure,it’s great seeing less people getting injured but no matter how good your form looks someone will say ‘‘do it slower’’ or ‘‘go lower’’ (not talking about trolls)


I think it just got an ancillary boost from the rise of crossfit. Crossfit coaches began using some of Louie’s teachings in their gyms and that turned some people on to powerlifting that way. At least guys like Mark Bell are smart enough to cash in on those clowns.

IMO powerlifting is not a fad, it just evolves. Raw lifting is popular now, and the sport is much more accessible when you can just roll up to a local meet with a singlet and a belt and lift. 10 years ago all the good competition was in multi-ply gear, which meant you needed a crew to train with at least some of the time.


I’ll bet you there are people doing that with 275lbs in the gym and thinking, “Strength doesn’t equal size! Anyone bigger and weaker than me must be on drugs! Like Brad Pitt in the Fight Club!”.


battling ropes should be punishable by death


When I’m at the fire station, after weight training I like doing these with big, thick ass hose and doing hammer swings with the big ass 20 lb forcible entry sledge. I’d rather be flogged.


Just noticed my excessive use of the word “ass”, forgive me father


I have never felt my hamstrings during a RDL. Lower back gainz only.