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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


I can’t fathom the irony when an individual publicly accused of sexual harassment multiple times has the brilliance (balls? Stupidity) to host a “fund raiser” called Bench For Boobs.



Costco has to be the most overhyped, irritating, corporate chain of business I think I’ve ever worked at. Like ever.


I saw some muscle man on instagram saying he got USDA Prime-grade tenderloin for $9.99 a pound at Costco. I’m not sure how you can overhype that. I mean, I feel bad if they treat you and the other people who work there like crap, but how about those savings!?!?


I guess it’s worth it being a customer. But I have no idea how that’s helping employees in the long run. The warehouse is willing to cut prices so low so the members can be happy, but they end up slashing peoples hours and expect one person to do the job of 3 people, because revenue isn’t up to par. I have no idea why they can’t find a happy medium, I mean I can probably speculate, but you have folks willing to pay to shop somewhere. Their household income is up to snuf to afford the high end brands Costco sells. So they’re telling me on top of an average 5-7,000 head count on weekdays, and 2-3,000 head count on any other given day, plus yearly revenue of memberships people pay, there’s still not enough store cash to pay employees to have a regular 25-40 hour work week? We only have like 160 employees, versus warehouses who make less, and have up to 300 employees. Maybe the 14$ an hour raise was a mistake on their behalf, but I honestly don’t think it was. I could understand if the warehouse I worked at was one of the lower end ones, but the warehouse I work is #2 in the state of Texas concerning revenue generation for Costco warehouses. Maybe I’m missing something, idk. But, in general yea. They’re dicks. They pretty much wave 14$ an hour in your face as incentive to break your back for a cap out only 6$ more. Idk. Maybe I shouldn’t complain and just deal with it, but it’s something that bothers me. You’ve got incompetent managers willing to throw hard workers under the bus, just because they’ve been there for a certain number of years and are a reliable source of labor, but can’t find someone with enough problem solving skills to decrease the cost of product destruction, which would probably make revenue double more than a crappy manager or even GM? I guess I’m just complaining. Either way.


I used to work at Wal-Mart, while in college. I made $10.40 to manage 120 employees. Often times, I was the only floor manager, despite the schedule stating 3 were required at a time.

During my two year tenure there, I was involved in many fights, two of which included knives, a bomb threat and one person dying in the store.

And some asshat who remembered me 4 years later. While I was at restaurant, he demanded that I explain why I didn’t return something he bought.


Maybe consider moving costco’s? I’ve been a member at one in Robinson, PA for 10 years. The employees there all seem happy and they’ve been the same faces the entire time. Retail headcount normally turns faster than a washing machine on spin cycle. They must be doing something to keep those people (blood pact maybe?)

If it’s any consolation it might not be Costco or that location’s fault. Working retail sucks. No matter when, no matter where.


You should not do that. You should aim higher. I’m not saying that’s easy, but I am saying that you can hit the mark.


I think maybe it’s just my particular area. Everywhere is rather nasty. Members and employees. So perhaps a change would be okay. After my 90 days I was going to see what I could do anyways


If I wasn’t motivated to stay in school I sure am now. Granted it’s a nice gig if you’re looking at 14$ an hour to make hotdogs and pizza, but I guess I’m someone who would like going to work everyday just because the environment is positive, and it’s something that can challenge my mind. Even if I got paid crap, I’d still liking working where I was just because they give a damn about me.

I think I’m capable of going higher, but when I go to work it’s not just about me, I genuinely wish for all of my coworkers to succeed. Management too. But I’ve come to realize it’s more or less an “every man for himself” attitude there.

But I’ll definitely keep working towards just moving forward. Definitely not a place for me to get comfortable.


Doing your best at whatever it is you do at the moment, which is what being a good worker is all about, does not preclude you from moving on to something better.

In fact, I would say that the two are intimately connected.

I’ve read enough of your posts and seen enough of your lifts to know that you aren’t going to retire from Costco young lady.

I’m all done with my foot sprain recovery six pack now. Time for bed!


Awwww, that was such a nice thing to say!

Thank you!


I was on a refrigeration crew to remodel that refrigeration system there.

A guy from high school was working at the one in Homestead when we finished building it operating a forklift unloading trucks and stuff. I don’t remember the exact number but I was impressed with what he was making at the time per the work.


I am very sad…order new trap bar from Rogue and its on back order.


Was the pun intended !! Lmao


Wasn’t planned that way.


Well you made me smile anyway. Thanks


I have trained shoulders every session for the past 4 weeks, last ditched effort before I resort to clavacle lengthening surgery.


I heard there’s like literally no point to anything if you don’t have naturally wide shoulders.


The hopeless clavicle equation is:
Original shoulder width + width added to delts = original width somehow.
Despite all the examples on the contrary, somehow we revert to this.