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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


I Google “glute ham raise” just as my gf is walking by. She looks at my screen, looks at me, and says, “we need to talk…”


Flame free confession
I was today’s years old when I found out what “RPE” meant…


I’ve err… ummm… always wanted to know what it’s like for a man to develop boobs and lactate while on roids but I never dared to ask.


lmao i started laughing my head off in class


Not having good luck with protein shakes lately. yesterday i thought the lid was closed and whilst holding my shaker, stretched my arms overhead and the protein went all over me and the floor.

this morning i thought i had washed my shaker last night but it turns out i didnt. i filled it up with my usual morning protein shake and yeah… yuck


wait till you leave one for a few weeks and then open it … yuk


I drank it is the issue lol. id probably just chuck it out after a few weeks of forgetting about it.


I got really, really sick accidentally doing this once. Hope it doesn’t get you because that was awful!


I was walking to uni drinking a protein shake once, didn’t realise the lid wasn’t on properly and shook it, which splashed a load of pink gooey shake into my face.

Best thing was a big group of girls at a bus stop saw me do it. Awesome sauce.


Shit that would be embarrassing


:mask: yeah hope that doesnt happen


I’m getting fucking sick of eating. Not going to dial it back because everything is going according to plan, just confessing.


You’re doing awesome mark!


Start mashing everything, then at least you don’t have to chew too much


Check out Blaine Sumner and his shakes, ha, I could see you doing this.


This has been at the back of my mind.


I’m right with you there, man.

I’m actually looking forward to my next diet.


I dread my next meal even on maintenance calories. My cheat days are days which I don’t eat and just live on coffee and cigarettes or dt79 go crazeee. SAD!


I wouldn’t mind it so much if I could handle large amounts of more than one type of carb, but really the only carb source my body seems to handle in large quantities is white rice.

All day every day white fucking rice, meal after meal. So fucking sick of white fucking rice.


Also, getting the last few grains of rice out of the pot/rice cooker shits me. Getting angry just writing about it haha