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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


Please tell me the bears won, i.e, they chose to fight the duck.


Will get back to you on that.




Confession: I thought after tracking calories and measuring food for several years I’d be able to eyeball what I put in the hole in my face but after two weeks of not recovering well and being hungry I added everything up and I was very much under eating.

I suck

On the positive side I managed to drop the five pounds I’ve been complaining about for months


curry calzones are pretty magnificent also


I also suck at this but I error on the other side and gain unwanted weight. I just can’t keep track of how many handfuls of animal crackers I eat.


it probably also doesn’t help that your unit of measurement is the “handful”


These ones I totally agree with, a couple other good ones are…

-You don’t have to worry about the anabolic window of eating after a workout for fear of losing potential gains as long as you get enough protein at some point in the day.
-Also, don’t worry about going into starvation mode unless you plan on not eating for 48 hours, your body will start breaking down fat for energy before it goes for your muscle. This is why some ppl like to intermittent fast.

I guess I should make a confession too…
A lot of times when I cough I can’t help to have a fart happen at the same time.


This happens to me when I eat to satiety…


I think that might be my issue too because I’ve never had a large appetite and have had to force feed myself at different times in this strange body changing journey


I undereat good stuff and scraf down absurd amounts of crap.




Getting back to you as promised.

I managed to touch base with a sizeable portion (~1/3) of the 80 campers, as well as some number of the staff, about this important topic. Interestingly, preferences broke down almost perfectly along gender lines–the males wanted to fight 10 duck-sized bears; the females, a sole bear-sized duck. In fact, only one boy picked the huge duck–he said he did so because he planned to roast it afterwards and feed his entire town. Likewise, only one female picked the 10 tiny bears (it so happens I am married to that respondent).


Correct. And they disappear so fast. I think I’m eating around 150 calories per handful. That’s not a big deal until you subconsciously eat 4 handfuls in less than 10 minutes.


I was thinking of making a chat thread here and then realized that pretty much every thread here is already a chat thread. It’s nice to see.


Yes, but there are rules:

-Don’t start a thread asking if you should bulk or cut.

-Never, ever question the application of the pre-exhaust method.

-Never start an argument over whether or not body part splits will work for lifters who don’t use steroids.

-Do not ask for advice from more experienced lifters and then argue with that advice, siting some nameless, credential-less internet nimrod as your reference.

-Refrain from potty-mouth.

-Just do 5/3/1.

Stick to those rules and you’ll be fine.


These I would never do

I try to every day.

No thanks Jeff, lol.

I’ll be fine regardless :wink:


sassy! I like you already


You would