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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


A+ for mental imagery.


I’m still working on it - only 30 lbs of muscle to go.


That seals it, time to start eating !! :hamburger::pizza:


If you spend enough time on forums that deal with pharmaceutical phenotype enhancement (my favourite euphemism for roidin’), you start to see patterns.

One such pattern is young guys convinced they have low T. Now, I’m not saying that low T isn’t a problem for people, but I stand by the statement I have made more than once that low T is this generation’s hardgainer.

Guys feel a bit lacklustre (which can be caused by about a million different conditions, particularly mental health problems) and they read on forums like this about the symptoms of low T. They think “low libido? Loss of energy? That sounds like me!” so they book a doctor’s appointment for blood work. The blood work comes back underwhelming. Sure, their test is in the lower end of the range and their E is a little higher than normal, but it’s nothing that concerns the doctor.

“But what do doctors know?” they tell themselves. “I’m 21 years old! My test should be off the charts!” Which is more bullshit they read on forums. The idea that every young person would have their test in the top range is so dumb I don’t know where to start. Yes, obviously test levels drop as you get older but that doesn’t mean all teenagers should have a litre of it in their veins.

When they ask about TRT the doctor laughs in their face, so they go it alone; buying some test cyp off the internet. Fast forward a few months and they’re starting threads on forums describing all manner of oestrogen side effects, and trying to work out a PCT to come off after being shutdown for 6 months.

TL;DR - forums like this have every young person with any kind of depression or mental health problem convinced that it’s because they have low T, and I think it sucks.


I’ve missed Punny getting all meta again, a bunch of awesome stuff about birds, eating disorders, and more training stuff.

I’m always missing shit.


I think that covers an entire generation. These particular folks just happen to lift weights too.

I miss the days when parents were hard on their kids and taught them about earning things in life. Today’s kids are convinced they deserve everything just because they exist–including gainz. What’s worse is that it’s become acceptable behavior to throw a temper tantrum like a damn toddler when you don’t get your way.


I wonder if anyone realized a 16 year old on TRT with no prior experience in PEDs was giving most of the advice for a couple of months.


I was totally aghast when I realised that! The kid was replying to every single thread and folk were listening!


I don’t frequent the PED forum but I don’t listen to the majority of people giving advice online anywhere.



I choked up a little while watching highlights of the royal wedding today.

(Repeat after me: Flame free, flame free, flame free…)


Yeah I was just as upset watching Meghan Markle getting hitched.


If I had a dime for every douche that blows their balls to smithereens on that forum I’d be rich beyond my wildest dreams.


When people reference The Mighty Punisher with the chummy “Punny” for brevity, I pretend that they are referring to me, and I give myself a hug and multiple pats on multiple body parts.

…and imagine that I’m young again…


Don’t worry, I used to think it was referring to you as well. It made me quite confused most of the time!

I think it’s because I read “Pwnisher” as Pawnisher rather than Punisher, so an abbreviation for me would by Pawnny or Pwnny.

“yeah, you got Pawned bitch!” is what goes on in my head a lot when I’m reading his name :joy:


I wish my body could handle training everyday. I hate days off…



It can. As long as your fast and loose with the definition of “training”. If Olympians can handle two a days with serious workload, you could do assistance/prehab on off days.


Social media has trained us to believe our attention is valuable. As long as you want something, you get rewarded with free stuff.

I don’t blame generations who grew up with social media to expect something just for being present - that’s what society teaches them


That reminds me of a documentary I saw about Phelps. He would train in clusters for multiple hours a day, and they came around to his diet and it was resting around 6-7,000 calories a day.

Guy didn’t even look like he ate that much in a week.

But it’s awesome how insanely well our metabolisms can adapt to practically almost anything with enough food. Well…anything concerning sports or physical exertion. I should note I say the word “anything” a bit loosely though.

I say that because I’ve always been fascinated with training two times a day. I just dont discipline myself enough to shove all that food in my gob lol


You could do yoga.