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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


Top 5 concerts for me, in order;

  1. Tool
  2. SOAD w/ Deftones
  3. Dream Theater
  4. Brand New Devil and God 10 year tour w/ Front Bottoms and Modern Baseball
  5. Maroon 5

Havent listened to it, by interesting, do you mean its garbage or just different?


I’ve not heard the new DT stuff but from what I’ve heard from Mangini on Extreme’s later albums and his old session work, I’m gonna go with Portnoy lol. Loved his drumming especially on Surrounded.


Oh, it’s so hard for me cuz I love em both.


The only guy I’ve ever met in person was Michael Angelo at one of his clinics. He’s a really funny guy,.


I went to Gavin Harrison’s clinic tour. He’s one of my favorite drummers


Awesomeness I bet was fun


Oh I just remembered attending a John Myung clinic. That was like 20 years ago lol. He’s a bloody violin virtuoso too.


Cool :sunglasses: it’s amazing how time slips by…I remember my first concert was Metallica, Guns N’ Roses and faith no more.


I think that’s basically what I did in reply to the guy who posted the pic, haha.


OMG, I saw those three (I’m assuming same tour you saw) at Giants Stadium waaaay back when. It was the show when someone threw a lighter and hit Axel in the crotch, and he walked off stage so Slash had to repeat his guitar solo a few times while he was waiting -lol.

Faith No More totally stole that show!

Actually, My youngest brother recently reminded me that it was that very concert that when I got tickets, I told him I’d only take him if he weighed more than 150 lbs, or else I’d lose him in the pit. He was 6’ and about 135 lbs when I issued this requirement. We promptly went out and bought a few jugs of 1850 weight gainer for GNC and added two shakes to his daily diet of complete crap (typical teenager with a racing metabolism eating whatever he wanted), and within a few months he was 150 lbs -lol.



First day back at the gym, geez I was almost stunned by how bad this lean was (I don’t have a full length mirror at home). I was also stunned by how heavy everything felt.

My set of 8 was a grinder for 1, so I had to knock 25% off. I also loaded the side I was leaning against with an extra 5lbs to level me out lol


How’d that work out? All better now?


He’s not all better, but I bet he is all right.


I think he left.


It was pretty uncomfortable throughout. I decided that I wasn’t going to be frustrated and just try focus on trying to straighten out my back while pressing.

On the bright side, while I dont seem to have power through my glutes it seemed more focus went on the core area to stablise. This might translate to something after I heal up. So something to be grateful for.

I’m trying to figure out a way to do yoke on Saturday haha


Rofl! Good times, good times haha!


One of these things is not like the others.


Wish I had this pic of my oldest to throw out awhile back ago. Really would have liked to rub it in the face of the young gent whom I really pissed off said I had weak sperm because I compared my oldest to one of the characters from the Big Bang Theory. He did not get I ment in brains :joy:


Damn straight. You rub your sperm in that guy’s face!


On that note (about genetics), my son had a moment yesterday where I thought, “It’s a good thing he’s big because he might be dumb. He’s going to be a jock.”

He tried to get out of a wooden chair by sliding through the opening in the back and got stuck. Luckily, he’s not quite two yet so there’s time to recover.