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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


You have kids man. You can’t judge. Playplaces rock.


Ah, so that was you in the ball pit. I thought that kid looked too yoked to be in there.


There was a young (20 +/- 2 years) guy DLing in the gym. He was doing sets of 3-5 with a weight that was quite challenging for him. The issue: On every rep, he had his head turned all the way to the side as he watched himself deadlift in the mirror. I was sure that, at any moment, the torque on his spine was going to rip a transverse process off at the base.

The confession: Upon seeing this, I almost broke Gym Commandment #1. (‘Thou shalt not give unsolicited advice.’) Almost.


I went into McDonald’s, kid free, a few months ago. It was very uncomfortable, I had at least 15 years on the next oldest person that wasn’t accompanied by a child.

McDonald’s is bizarre nowadays. I was used to a line of registers lined with young, chirpy people dying to greet you. Now there’s 1 or 2 registers with a grumpy, ugly person who ignores you and tries to negotiate you into using the app to order.

Also, surely knife and fork is the confession here!


My kids have never been is a McD’s I told them that when the yellow arches are lit up it means they are full !! Oldest daughter is 8 now and pretty sure she has worked out this is Bullsh$t but still doesn’t ask to go there.


I went to change my Google settings. At which point I see their profile of me. Apparently, “Fast Food” is one of my key interests lol


It helps that Maccas is fukin disgusting. I gave it a heap of chances when I was younger and they kept disappointing me. The last chance was about 5yrs ago, and I haven’t been back since.


Hold up… You mean looking at myself in the mirror at all time WON’T increase me gains?


Meanwhile im just sitting here after accomplishing the 15 double cheeseburger challenge this arvo with some mates from work
3 mins 46 seconds mind you


3min 46 seconds to eat 15 burgers! That is pretty impressive! Did you win out of your mates?


Only just
Id knocked down 12 in just over 2 mins but the 15 is much harder
One of my mates didnt finish it which is understandable, he’s about 60kg wringing wet


Completely unrelated but how good is this the flame free thread
Its just become the place to come hang out in the cyber world
@Chris_Colucci is this the most replied too thread on t-nation?


It’s in the Top 3.


Confession: I was considering making make blueberry pancakes this morning, then I remembered I had blueberry ice cream last night, so I made chocolate chip pancakes instead.


Obvious answer was the make ice cream pancakes.

Geez man, are you even trying?


Why not make blueberry pancakes, sprinkle then in chocolate chips and have ice cream and whipped cream on top


Because that is what waffles are for.


French Toast doh.


Has no pockets to hold the delicious melty stuff.

They all have merit. Waffles just have a lot more.


Just passed out deadlifting from straining to the max.

Some 145 lbs chic tried to catch me. Didn’t go well for her, but at least she broke my fall.