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The Flame-Free Confession Thread

Gay Fish, Y’all!

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Does this commercial help?

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Of course I get it! I’m a lyrical wordsmith, motherfucker!

Seriously, I’m in awe of those South Park guys. How do they come up with all this shit lol?

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If I did that I would book the ambulance up front. I took the kids to one last year, took one bounce and when I landed my ankle gave way, my foot folded under and I hit the ground like I’d been shot by a sniper!!!

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Happened to a friend, luckily he only sprained it, but I should be OK, start off taking it easy, I go twice a week with my daughter so not in bad shape, I also spoke to the manager today and he said that he has no problem me doing it, the trampolines are supposed to be low shock so he thinks I’ll be fine

I haven’t…but I read this in the ‘Off Topic’ section…



At times… I just feel like going back and staying in the over 35 forum .


Confession: I only just heard Despacito the whole way through a couple of weeks ago and it’s an absolute banger that I keep listening to.

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Green tea ice crea… sesame ice cream…

These things are a practical joke right?

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Fed up with my wife dealing with trash she has to deal with as HR at her work. Getting very concerned about employees becoming violent when she terminates them. I’m in the process of purchasing a stun gun for her to have. I just hope that I don’t piss her off that she uses it on me.


She should never, ever terminate people alone. Not even because of violence solely, but in order to have a witness so someone can’t say she threatened them or fired them for being a member of a protected class.

And never in a room with only 1 way out. Always a conference room with 2 doors.


I have similar concerns (wife is a social worker) but unfortunately down under a stun gun or other weapon isn’t possible.

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I hate doing a tax return but love that big refund !!

She never terminates anyone alone. But that doesn’t make me feel secure. I am concern about retribution after the fact .

My mother in Law is a social worker over here in the U.S. and they are not allowed any type of personal protection either.

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Ok I posted this and I notice I have 5 likes. Either 5 individuals get what I hinting at or 5 individuals would preferred I stay in the Over 35 which I have done the majority of the time that i have spent on this site.:sob:

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Shit. Even if they have a CCW permit?

Pretty much any job in the US comes with an HR “code of conduct” booklet 3 inches thick. Bunch of normal stuff in there like keep your hands to yourself, don’t threaten anyone, don’t discriminate etc…

There’s almost always a “no weapons” policy. Recently they have been amended to read something like “Even if you have a state-issued license for possessing and carrying weapons, you may not do so on company premises or while conducting business for the company.”

Just way too much liability with the lawsuit culture in America to let employees go everywhere strapped.

Makes for soft targets.

I think the government finally loosened their restrictions at military recruiting centers. Imagine working in a military uniform, under a military billboard, inviting people to come sign up, and not being able to carry a weapon. After a couple of shootings they started to figure out it was a bad idea to force their people to be defenseless.

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The longer I’m around the sport/fitness industry (BBing and PLing) the more I’m continually amazed at the situations and facts that are “well known” within the community that remain completely hidden to the gullible public (social media, people who read articles online for their info etc).

Embelished Accomplishments, stolen training and dietary protocols, even outright “fake coaching” (as we all remember with Kai lying because a certain guru was under contract to the same magazine!) to the point of actual pay-to-say (lie on social media)… I just have to shake my head knowing how known certain things are and yet…



I think this.

No one wants you to leave?!?!

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