The Flame-Free Confession Thread

It’s an old one they cycled through this week. And it’s actually a reasonable one now that I look at it. I was just referencing it as an example of those articles that say “if you’ve lifted for more than a year then you should be able to _________.”

It’s these articles that get me. I’d like to think I’m strong for an average gym goer but I’m not. I’m decent in most categories and great on deadlifts according to this article. Hell, my goal of a 4 plate squat only gets me into the good category.

Classic Jim taking shots at your manhood.

These are all arbitrary “standards” and they shouldn’t bother me, but they do. Consider me whining and that’s why I’m in the flame free thread.

Confession–I’m tall and I suck at bench, OHP, and squat and I’d like to think it has a little to do with having long levers. It also bothers me more than it should.

And I apologize to Dan John for using his article as a bad example. It’s a reasonable article.

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