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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


If I were to do the legit meal prep thing it probably wouldn’t be as bad, but still ends up being a significant chunk.

Yeah, I’ve made my own before, but I’m thinking of just saving the effort and buying something premade.

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Yeah it is way easier for sure.


meal prep is BY FAR the worst aspect of this lifestyle


Cold meals, sometimes you really need to HAVE a hot meal

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Very tempting


I never got the big deal with kroc rows. The whole reason they got started was because Matt was too strong for the dumbbells at the gym so he had to do a lot of reps to make up for the relatively light weight (he said that himself). The average lifter shouldn’t have that problem, so they don’t need to do “kroc rows”.


Exactamundo. Now you’ve got kids doing 30 reps with a 20lb dumbbell and calling it a kroc row.

It’s not a kroc row. It’s a dumbbell row done with shitty form using a weight that’s too light for you. Grab a heavier dumbbell and do 8-12 reps with good form.


Instructions unclear, just signed up at planet fitness exclusively for Kroc Rows.


In general, I find this to be a product of kids lacking MMC and trying to just compensate with different movements. There have been a few authors out there trying to claim that MMC doesn’t really exist and, as long as you move a weight through a full ROM, you activate the intended muscles, so now people just pick any dumb movement and claim it’s hammering their lats/traps/abs/serratus/pineal gland/etc.


I sort of think of Kroc Rows in the same way as I think of Scotch. Unless Kroc is doing it, it isn’t a Kroc Row much like If your whiskey isn’t from Scotland it ain’t Scotch.


I think a big part of it isn’t just that they have no MMC, it’s that they don’t realise they are supposed to actually have a MMC. Tell most noobs to squeeze their lats and they won’t even know how.


lucky it’s the flame free thread, or I’d have to go full Mel Gibson on your ass for thinking that whiskey comes from Scotland.

Whisky comes from Scotland. WhiskEy comes from Ireland (and I think also America, but lol at that concept anyway).


It’s well known Mariuz was on a very strict diet of steel girders and bears.

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Haha, flame free confession dead.

I did not know that. Did ol’ Wallace die for opposing the E? My history is rusty.


My favorite is when they say the have traps and can’t flex those. They just stick their neck out and bend forward a lot.


Yeah man, I set aside like four hours on a Sunday afternoon and cook bulk awesome meals. I enjoy cooking but fuck…some days that shit just drags on

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Flame free. Sometimes I just use chains because I think they look cool


Edit. I have definitely done chain curls and chain lat raises. Westside


Yeah that’s pretty much exactly it, but he came back from the dead 3 days later and that’s why we drink whisky on easter Monday


Chain curls are awesome. Beat up the elbows less.

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