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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


I found I cant train with my oldest son… he takes me out of my mind set


I agree it can be touchy for sure. My wife and I are training partners in the gym, she loves bodybuilding and works harder than most anyone else in there, guys and gals both. We just got back from vacation and trained together almost every morning in an old school bodybuilding gym, fortunately we make it work together and we love training with each other. This past year we both competed on stage at the same show, it was her first time. I coached her through it, training, nutrition, posing, etc., and it worked out very well. She won her classes and is going to compete again next year. Not the typical case, but I sure am thankful that we can make it work. It’s an awesome experience to train and work hard together, definitely a different type of bond that we both enjoy.


I will always convince myself and others to try for PRs even if it’s unlikely to happen. I can’t help it. I get too hyped up and just want people to succeed. I once hit a 1RM front squat PR and then decided to add 20kg just to try and get on the leader board. Didn’t pan out but I’m okay with this


That’s pretty awesome, we can barely take a vacation together :smile:


Virtually everyone I see in the gym who trains with their significant other half-asses it and generally don’t get anything done.

There are folks go to the gym together and leave together, but do completely different things. That seems to work out ok.


DISCLAIMER: probably TMI, but I like you guys more than the actual folks I interact with. So here goes:

sharp inhale through the nose

I have come to accept that sometimes when I max out, and hit a solid PR, I pee myself. Even if I’ve gone to the bathroom prior to. Apparently this is normal, but it’s still hard to keep your confidence after having a few men witness you hoist something heavy enough, and your finishing move ends up being slight urination.


Google “supertraining megsquats”. During that interview she talks about pelvic floor training and some way to stop that.


Dw buddy, all the girls at my gym wear pads whenever they Max out. It makes sense to be safe


It’s not a true max until you accidently poo a little.


I’m subscribed to her. She’s awesome. I do keep a log here, and I’ve always done pelvic floor exercises even before I started training. Still happens on occasion, but I do the exercises anyways because I do believe they help with that. Even the slightest


I’ve started doing that too. More recently. At first I thought it was a one time thing from maybe not emptying my bladder. But no. Nooooooooooo it wasn’t. The few days I’ve been cocky and decided it wasn’t going to happen, were the days where it happened. And the gym was crowded lol


Instead of doing box squats, do bucket squats :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL… No shame. In my time I have had allot worse come out of myself on several occasions. Lets just say I have had funeral services for my tidy whit-ties in the past so my wife would not see them in the laundry.

Diaper Bulldog


Strong bodily functions up in here. I like!

I’ll confess:

Sometimes my #2s are so intense I have to strip off all my clothes due to the shear nature of i can’t have anything touching my skin. Super-chills ensue. Must be some type of shit-gasm or something.


There are very few things that compare to stripping down completely for a massive shit.


I do this at home all the time. This plus the squatty potty aids in a pleasurable experience for big deuce!


I’m sure your wife will still love you if she saw them. Riiiiiight? I’m just glad I’m not one of those folks who like projectile vomit when going heavy.

Also, if that your dog? Or are you showing off your meme skills?


That’s kind of like sex, and wearing socks. Just CANT do it. Messes with meh concentration or my feely ceptors or something lol.


Oh shes still loves me….BUT lets just say that on one occasion it became a source of allot of endless ribbing from my wife and my two smart ass sons. All three of them can be pretty brutal.

Meme skills…interesting fact , for other readying my actual nickname in real life is Dog or Big Dog.Some people dont even know my actual real name.


Ohhhhhhhh yea I Totally get that. Me and my husband currently stay with my mom, and as a 22 year old I constantly stay talking smack, and messing with my mom and stepdad.

I’ve always messed with my stepdad and his lack of proper pronunciation. He says stuff like “pillah” instead of “pillow”, I just roast him mercilessly lol.

And most people can’t even pronounce my name correctly so they just shorten it to “Me”. Lol