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The Flame-Free Confession Thread


So I thought it'd be a good idea to get a thread going that's a safe place to admit those things you strongly believe but would get you seriously flamed if you ever admitted them in a forum.

I'll get the ball rolling with a few:

  1. I think your training for a cut should absolutely be different than training for gains. Different goals require different focus.

  2. I actually believe there's merit to training small muscle groups after a bigger one in terms of optimal growth, i.e. delts after quads, bis after back, tris after chest, etc. v. arms day or delt day

  3. I fully endorse IIFYM.

I'll probably have more to add later, but wanted to hear some of yours. And as the title indicates, let's keep this place free of flames.


Oh man cool idea...

I strongly believe I could fight off a pack of African wild dogs.


Hahaha, I forgot about that one!


Here's one, if you aren't a BB there's about zero reasons to do direct arm work.

Edit: of course I'm not a BB and I did direct bicep work yesterday, ya I'm a hypocrite.


lol! Anything related to BBing??


Bro you better be pretty big and strong to take them on I tell ya what.


I believe that I could honestly live eating nothing but pancakes, peanut butter and diet cream soda.



Good cardio.


Mine: Everyone needs to do direct arm work.

So many years of wasted arm gainz....


No Mr Olympia ever rose to the top with less than stellar genetics, and all the cutting edge training, dieting, supplements, PEDs, and positive frames of mind won't get you there otherwise.



Arnold will always be the greatest BBer of all time.


Too many people worry about tiny things that are completely inconsequential to the big picture in regards to lifting and nutrition.

"Oh I need to have BCAA's or MAG-10 before a fasted walk otherwise my body will decompose" etc.


That's a good one.


You can't overtrain the upperback.


I once nailed a fat chick......

And really enjoyed it!


^if you don't compete at a high level (in anything) you won't overtrain EVER.


Damn it guns...


I don't mean to appear as cocky, but I'm totally game to fight a 350 lb black bear. I feel like if I yoke 700lbs, deadlift significantly over the bears bodyweight, and can practically press the bear over my head..then I should definitely be able to take it in a fight.


Are you serious?


I still think soreness is a fairly decent indicator of a good workout.

(pretty sure I shared that in the things I can't prove but believe thread)