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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


I’m no doctor, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume you could get Ebola if you lick the arsehole of someone with Ebola.


Because of all the arseholes you’ve licked?


No girl has ever complained about kissing me after l’d licked hers so… Bad news for you I guess

(I find that gross too btw, I would never allow the opposite to happen lol)


One up the bum, no harm done


Not sure if thats more of a reflection on you that you dont know or a reflection on myself that I do.
Just in case you change your stance may I suggest these two products…



It can give you a bad case of pink eye…



I think you missed the “tossed” verb used by @usmccds423 below, young man.

Use urban dictionary to look up “tossed salad”. Enlighten (or darken?) yourself.


So I get you’re supposed to use the listerine for an enema to kill all the bacteria, but are you supposed to use the wipes on your tongue when you’re done?


Multi purpose bud…LOL


Light weight… I found my dads Hustler and Penthouse stash . So the old Sears catalog didnt float my boat. Might explain a few things I guess.


Lol, my dad found my playboy not the other way around. Charlize Theron addition, good times.


2 in the pink, 2 in the stink

We call that the barracuda


Part one:

Would you rather lick an woman’s asshole or suck a dick?

Had to be asked.


It depends. Is it one of those fancy lady dicks I’ve heard so much about lately, or just a regular old guy penis?


Ofcourse it would be a no homo dick… geez


Or one in the poo and two in the goo, or what we call the hacksaw !


I wasn’t around on the forums when it was active, but I have a feeling this is what SAMA was…


Woman who looks like Rosie O’donnell vs hot Thai trannie?