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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Now I want to jump on the wrist measuring hype. I’m pretty sure mine are fairly small and I graduated highschool at 135lbs. Granted I was a distance runner back then.

I think I look bigger than my wrists might indicate but I’m a manlet so it doesn’t count.


I’m 6’4" and can also wrap my thumb and middle finger around my wrist. My wrist measurement is 7.5".


Who the fuck measures their wrists?


bunch of weirdos

Slowly puts the tape measure back down…


Now I’m starting to wonder if I measured incorrectly…

Nah, I’d bet my 15" penis on my measuring accuracy.


My wrists are 7.5 inch. Is that good? Im 5’8


That thing says I have the capacity to be 197 pounds at 19 percent body fat. I’m impressed considering I’m legit only 5 feet.


My “potential” according to that calculator would be impressive but it’s also depressing because I’m not exactly close to achieving it…


I’d say that’s a good thing for your strongman goals. It’s the same as mine and you’re 8 inches shorter than me. Bulk on, young man!


My wife and I had to stop watching “Man vs Food” because we were putting on weight.


It’s a helpful statistic to have if you ever plan to end up in handcuffs…


I figured. I’ve always had a stronger than normal grip. I don’t know if that correlates with wrist size though but i presume it does. anything grip related seems to come easy for me.


I’ve been handcuffed several times. They’re one-size-fits-all so don’t worry.


I dunno, I’m a men’s 8 with red fuzz kinda guy.


Disagree - they reef those fuckers down so tight they can make someone with three inch wrists bleed and make their thumbs go numb.

A friend told me.


If handcuffs are too small then we use leg shackles.


Now I want to get arrested just to see if I’m huge enough to get ankle shackles. Or 2 sets of handcuffs daisy chained.


Yup. I’ve got an old log on here, which pictures will depress me, but there is one that shows what I am talking about. My arms were like 15.5 then, looks photo shopped when you see my wrists. I’ll dig it up in a bit.

Edit- here, second post. Borderline Superhero


I don’t think it’s calibrated for women.


I’ve only had to use shackles on a super fat guy and someone with a cast on their wrist.

Two sets of cuffs used together are for people with poor shoulder mobility.