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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


A typical lunch for me in middle school and high school was three of those mini pizzas sold by Schwan.

I’ve always had a big appetite. Getting and staying lean means I’m hungry all day.


Not that controversial and not wrong, but it’s less about skinny vs fat and more to do with bone structure. People with larger bone structures have the propensity to put on more body mass, lean or adipose, easier or faster than those with smaller. As to hunger, most of what we consider hunger is mental, not physical hunger. Besides the point though.

So back to bone structure, I’ve always been fascinated by some of the stuff from Casey Butts. His research points to your wrist circumference to height ratio being the true “hardgainer/easygainer” classifier. Your wrist circumference will basically tell you if you need to treat yourself like a veal calf for a decade like you and I did, or have an easier(not meant to discredit) time eating and putting on muscle. This is why I hate when people say its so much easier for short guys to get huge. True manlets usually are stumpy fucks with thick wrists for their height.

Now the saving grace for my fellow frail wristed brethren. Achieving the same size on our bird bone frames compared to someone with bigger wrists at same height LOOKS bigger/more muscular due to those same ratios. I’m not a big dude, but 16 inch arms on my feminine 6.5 inch wrists looks bigger than it actually is. But then again, according to the above it was harder to achieve? Damn I just went too deep into the rabbit whole. Time is a flat circle. Abort…


Messed with something in the gym that I haven’t messed with in a long while. My ass is officially kicked :face_with_head_bandage:




From a purely rational perspective, I can comprehend and respect this standpoint.

As a man who can gain weight by merely looking at food, go F%$* yourself.
(said with love)




Recognize this?


Yup. The formula that tells me it’s almost time to be happy where I am or start taking steroids, quite familiar sadly.

Also, link to a calculator that does it for you.


Bookmarked! I have an excel spreadsheet I made to do the same thing. It’s probably time to take a look at it and see how much weight I actually need to lose for this thing.


I like how it does the measurement parts for your ‘max potential’ at 8-10%.

Mine tells me a lot of what I already know. The estimated 4 lbs of LBM mass between where I am now, and my genetic limit, is missing solely from my calves.


I agree. I think a lot of people never learned that losing weight means that you just have to accept that you’ll be hungry at most points of your day.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned about nutrition is that your hunger and level of satiety doesn’t correspond to how much food you actually need. It’s entirely possible to be eating too little food for your needs!

I also think it’s a cultural and social thing though- For the virtually all of human history, up to about 60 years ago, we couldn’t grow enough food to feed everyone with relative ease. That’s why the greatest thing a person can do is feed another a filling meal- it’s considered the hospitable thing to do in most cultures.

Now we can feed everyone with relative ease. The situation has reversed and humans need time to adapt to it.


Now I have a reason to actually take some measurements besides biceps and my…um waist. Yeah just those two definitely nothing else.


I’m excited about the 15 inch biceps! Bring it on


I just figured I felt that way because I was a skinny fuck. Even though I believe it, I still think it’s controbersial because I can’t quantify the difficulty of being addicted to food. Maybe it’s easier to stuff myself uncomfortably full than it is to control food when one has a predisposition towards obesity.

@Waittz definitely makes it easier to believe. But I was expecting a couple of fuck you’s, because honestly, there’s no way to read my “confession” (opinionated statement) without trivializing people’s struggles with weight loss. Not how I meant it at all, but that’s what makes it controversial.


Having been both a fatty (250lbs+) and a skinny guy unable to put on weight I think I may be able to add something here.

Being skinny and constantly full and having to stuff your face is easily a more miserable state to be in. However, I found it was far easier to be in this state of misery than in a state of fat loss.

Plus, muscle mass doesn’t leave as easily as some may want you to think so 2 days of poor eating as skinny guy may be a little step back but if you can get back in the horse reasonably soon you can back on track. Do that twice a week and you may stall but you will usually be okay-ish.

For fat loss, it is a completely different story. 2 days can not only undo all your work it could set you back further.


I manage my weight well, but I think I got screwed up by too many years of going from football to wrestling. Went from 210-220 down to 180 in about 2 months time for 4 years, then continued to do some cuts like that in college going between rugby and bjj. I can lose weight no problem, but I absolutely hate doing it. That being said, when it’s time to gain weight (which I would always try to do cleanish, I’d put on some fat but eat healthy foods and all), I was in heaven. Then again, I was a chubby kid, so probably predisposed to stuffing my fat face


So at 6 foot, with wrists noticeably less than 6 inches, colour me fucked?


Diners, Drive-in, and Dives is a horrible show to watch when you’re trying to cut some weight.


@Waittz & @dagill2

Are you guys sure you’re measuring correctly? My wrist is narrow, I can overlap my thumb and middle finger but my wrist is still close to 9 inches.

Pretty sure my old fella had more girth than 6 inches …


Brings me out to nearly 7 inches. Been a while since I measured.